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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Bleach 52-53

Ichigo continues his bankai training while Renji goes through a bunch of standard Shinigami while heading towards Rukia. He encounters Byakuya when he was getting closer to her. Byakuya asks him what he was doing which he said that he's going to save Rukia which he refuses to allow him to continue. He tries to use the same techinque that he used on Ichigo on Renji but he counters the techinque. Then he tries using his shikai which Renji stops it with his own shikai and realizes that he has achieve bankai because he didn't call out his soul slayer's name. Meanwhile, Ichigo was becoming tired from the training but he still wanted to continue on. Renji summons his bankai which changes his clothes a little bit and has a huge, boney snake as a whip. He attacks Byakuya with the snake and almost catches him its jaws but he uses his shikai to destroy the snake. He thought he defeated his snake but the snake managed to resurrect itself as its bones is connected by Renji's spirit force which he made the snake come apart before Byakuya's shikai could destroy it. He made part of the snake come out of the ground under Byakuya which made him go on one knee.

Renji continues his attack on Byakuya which he counters with a demon spell, Soukatsui. He was surprised by the spell as Byakuya skipped the incantation and had more power than it normally would. He tried to attack Byakuya again but the spell caused the snake to be confused. Byakuya tells Renji that it takes ten years to completely mastered the bankai because of its own unique movements. Renji tries to attack Byakuya again but he binds him with Rikujou Kouro. Byakuya reveals his bankai to Renji which swords come from the ground and turns into sakura petals. The attack causes major damage to Renji and the surrounding area. Byakuya was going to leave the bloody Renji there but he reforms his sword and tries to continue to fight which Byakuya surrounds him with sakura swords. He tells Renji that the bankai disappears forcefully when the owner is at near death. Renji was about to give up when he realizes that Ichigo wouldn't give up at the same situation. Renji goes after Byakura with one last charge which he manages to go through Byakuya but his soul slayer shattered into pieces afterwards. Rukia was walking on the bridge when she felt that Renji's spirit force fading away. Suddenly, Gin appears on the bridge confronting her.

Gin and Rukia have some talk before he got to the point. Rukia recalls a meeting with Gin and Byakuya when they both became captains nearly at the same time. She felt that her life was in danger when she was around Gin. She hated everything about him. Gin told Rukia that he will save her along with anyone else but he was joking and tells her that he meet again at the Soukyoku. Rukia realized that she wanted to live after all and hated him for that. Kenpachi manages to hold his own against Tousen and Komamura. Tousen begins to talk about the three ways of how to become a captain. The first way is to pass the captain's examination in the presence of the Commander General along with three or more captains. The second way is to get the recommendation of six or more captians along with approvals of three or more of the remaining seven captains. The last way is to defeat the current captain in a one on one match in the presence of over 200 squad members. Tousen has always hated Kenpachi for killing the 11th Captain and his desire to fight so much. Komamura stays out of Tousen's bankai as he and Kenpachi are surrounded by eternal darkness.

Kenpachi cannot see, hear, smell, or feel spirit energy. Only Tousen has his senses intact except for sight since he can't see to begin with. Tousen begins to slash at Kenpachi but he begins to fight against Tousen. Ichigo still continues with his bankai training as time is running short. Rukia arrives at the Soukyoku as she continues to realize her resolve to die was very weak. Meanwhile, the 9th Squad Vice-Captain fights against Yumichika which he mentions that he refused the 5th seat because he thought the number four was ugly and decided on 5 because it looked close to the 3 since to him it was the most beautiful number to him. He also tells him that the 11th Squad has an unwritten rule that Soul Slayers must be only direct attack types and demon magic types aren't cool to them. He reveals that his soul slayer is a demon magic one. Renji managed to recover with the help of Hanatarou even though he didn't do most of the healing and realizes it was the 4th Captain who did it. Tousen is getting tired from attacking Kenpachi as he manages to avoid his attacks and gradually getting closer to hitting him. Kenpachi realizes that his sense of touch still remains which he uses to avoid most of the attack. He asks in his mind for advice of his squadmates which he dismisses them all. He decides to allow him to stab him so he can grab him. When he touched Tousen's sword, he began to see and hear again. Tousen remembers a woman that inspire him to become a Shinigami and goes for one more attack. Kenpachi manages to stop the attack and dispel Tousen's bankai. He tries to stab Kenpachi in the back as he was walking away but Komamura step in between them and his mask was shattered into pieces. Komamura's true appearance is of a fox which Kenpachi didn't even care about it. Komamura reveals his bankai which is a giant knight summon. The time of Rukia's execution is drawing closer as the various squads are arriving at the Soukyoku. Byukuya doesn't even look at Rukia as he arrives. The 1st captain asks Rukia if she had any final words which she does.

These two episodes were great as they managed to show two great battles. I really liked how the Tousen and Kenpachi battle was animated. It was even better in the manga. All it takes is some color and sound. These episodes were better than the previous episode and didn't have meaningless talk at all. The suspense of Rukia's execution is coming closer and Ichigo still hasn't achieve bankai yet. Will our hero saved Rukia in time or die according to Gin's evil plan? The next episode will have Rukia about to be executed.


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