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Friday, October 28, 2005

Bleach 54

Komamura and Kenpachi were about to fight when the Soukyoku released its energy and everyone else noticed it as well. Ukitate manages to break the seal of a shield which can destroy the Soukyoku. Yachiru leaves Orihime and the others for the Soukyoku. The first captain will allow Ichigo and the others to leave Soul Society unharmed on the request of Rukia but Unohana's vice-captain said that he has no intention of letting them leave alive. A bunch of masked guys released the ropes of the Soukyoku as Rukia feels at ease about dying now. Suddenly, three blocks lifted Rukia up into a cross position and up to the top portion of the Soukyoku's cross. The blade of Soukyoku transforms into a phoenix called Ki-Kou-Ou. Rukia sees her life passes by her eyes and says thank you and goodbye to everyone in her heart as the Ki-Kou-Ou makes its attack.

Rukia was about to die from Kikouou's attack but Ichigo blocks it with his soul slayer even though it has the power of a million soul slayers. As with every meeting between Rukia and Ichigo, she insults him for coming back as she was ready to die. Kikouou goes back for a second attack which Ichigo was going to try to stop but Ukitake uses the shield to stop Kikouou in its tracks. Kyouraku even helps Ukitake to destroy Kikouou completely. Ichigo destroys the Sokuyoku's cross and frees Rukia. Renji makes his appearance even though he was somewhat weaken which makes Ichigo throw Rukia towards him on the cross. Ichigo tells Renji to run away with Rukia and not to let go of her. The 1st, 2nd, and 4th vice-captains chased after Renji but Ichigo stops them midway. He plants his soul slayer into the ground as the vice-captains summoned their shikai forms. Ichigo manages to destroy the 2nd's soul slayer and take out all three vice-captains with his fist. Byakuya tries to attack Ichigo but he manages to block his attack with his soul slayer.

It's so great to see these action scenes from the manga being animated. Now, there will some great battles coming up and after that, some revelations will be revealed. The next episode will start these battles like Ichigo versus Byakuya Round 2.


  • At 9:16 AM, Blogger PinPonPan said…

    Yeah...i like this episode a lot..can;t wait to watch the whoe fight between ichigo and byakuya.


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