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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Bleach 55

Byakuya asks Ichigo why he wants to save Rukia while Ichigo asks him why doesn't save Rukia himself which Byakuya tells him that he will never understand even if he told him. They begin battling with explosive amounts of spirital energy. Rukia tells Renji to go back and help Ichigo which Renji tells her to shut up. He explains to her the reason why Ichigo wanted to save her which was to repay the debt as she has given him power to protect the people he loved and changed his fate. He tells her to stop worrying so much, beating herself up, and give some of the worries to other people. Kiyone decides to head towards Isane which is his sister to save them from being caught in the battle. The other 13th vice-captain was calling out Kiyone's name when Sui Fong took him out quickly. Ukitake tries to save Kiyone when Yama stands in his way as he wants to take on Ukitake and Kyouraku but they ran away along with Nanao to battle somewhere else where people won't be caught in their battle. Kyouraku tells Ukitake that there's one more person that will save Kiyone from Sui Fong. She was about to kill Kiyone when Yoruichi grabs Sui Fong and plunge off the cliff.

Unohara takes Inase and the others that were injured from the attacks earlier in her bankai. Ukitake, Kyouraku, and Nanao arrived at a run-down part of the city to battle with Yama who shows up in front of them. Yama begins to approach them with a powerful aura that overpowers Nanao very quickly and causes her to collaspe due to lack of air. Kyouraku takes Nanao far away from Yama and goes back to Ukitake. Yama recalls the days when Kyouraku chased women and Ukitake was weak from his health but even their flaws couldn't supress them while they were fighting. He thought of them as his own children and now he has to punish them by killing them. He sheds off the cane to reveal his soul slayer which one slash made them to be pushed back. Yama decides to show off his scarred body as he releases his Soul Slayer's shikai form, Ryuujin Jakka.

This episode just basically setup the fights between Ichigo and Byakuya, Sui Fong and Yoruichi, and Yama vs. Kyouraku and Ukitake. Yama isn't just any old man. He made Nanao submit to him in five seconds flat which was shown very well. Hopefully the next episode will have some action to it but from the preview doesn't show anything from Ichigo and Byakuya at all. I think Sui Fong and Yoruichi fight won't actually start until episode 57 with the next episode giving some backstory behind those two characters in that episode.


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