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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blood+ 1

The episode begins with a demon attack on a village which a girl begins to kill everyone human and demon in her sight. Now, the scene shifts to a high school which a girl named Saya fails to make a high jump who been watched by a couple of guys. Then she and her friend, Kaori have lunch under a tree which they see a bomber flying over the school. Saya remembers seeing a plane like that but doesn't remember it since she can't remember anything of her life past one year. Kai who's one year ahead of Saya and Kaori who used to play baseball picks up Saya to go to the hositpal. A person named Vin Argiano asked the Americans to search for someone called Mouse and asks where a person called Type-B is which he said that it's in Koza. While in the hositpal, Saya hears news about a serial killer in Nago City. Saya is there to receive blood treatments. While heading back home, she hears a cello player performing on the street and becomes entranced by it. She closes her eyes and sees herself in a ruin with a nice dress on. She has a key and uses it to open a lock. Suddenly, she goes back into the present and falls down on a flower bed. Her face becomes a deep red in embrassment and the cello player takes in an interest in her.

Saya arrives at home to see her foster dad and brother playing catch which she tells them that they can't play catch in the park. She looks in her bag to find out that she's missing her shoes for tomorrow's meet. She decides to head back to the school to get them and bumps into a guy named David who was about to enter her home. Saya's father tells her brother, Riku to leave so he can talk to David alone. As Saya heads to the school, the cello player from earlier is standing in the basketball court. David and Saya's father talked about her which he was entrusted her a year ago for his dead daughter. David gives him the stripend for this month and leaves. Saya manages to get inside of the school after jumping over the fence and sees the cello player who talks to her. He pulls out a knife and after seeing it, she bumps into a teacher and has him to search the tree for the person. The teacher was approaching her when suddenly, he was grabbed from above and pulled to the tree. The teacher was eaten by the creature which she begins to run away from it. At the same time, the military begins to take action and launches choppers to the scene. Kaori goes to Saya's home and returns her shoes. Kai gets a call to pick Saya at the school. Saya continues to run away from the creature which the cello player fights against the creature while Kai sees the dead teacher. The cello player takes Saya to a science lab and tells her that the creature is a Chiropteran who needs to drink blood. He removes his bandages on his right hand to reveal his monster hand and cuts his hand. He spills blood on her which she pushes him back. The Chiropteran shows up and attacks Saya which the cello player saves her. He kisses her to make her drink his blood and she begins to remember parts of her past. Kai sees them kissing along with the creature.

Blood like its namesake is very bloody and gory. It's probably on Berserk level with the violence. I'm not sure when this series takes place compared with the movie but you don't really need to watch the movie to understand what's going on. It's very dark and tries to give a horror vibe as Saya runs for her life in the dark school. I think this series will be better than the movie with the pseduo family that she has along with her friends and the mysterious cello player. I really hoped that there are a variety of Chiropterans instead of the basic bat one. The animation is great and the music is perfect for the mood. I like the OP sequence but the ED sequence not so much because of the different style of drawing. Both the OP and ED weren't nothing special to me. I would like to blog this series but I decided my anime for this season and this one isn't one of them. I will continue watching it though. The next episode has the army dealing with the creature and Kai dealing with what's going on.


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