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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Canvas Two 1

A boy named Hiroki was dreaming about a confession that a girl made years ago but couldn't see her face. He wakes up to see his cousin, Elis (who calls him Oniichan) sleeping next to him in his bed. Hiroki is Elis's guardian who's the advisor to the art club at her school, Nadesico Academy. He flashes back to an accident which Elis manages to survive. He speaks with the acting superintendent about his role at the academy. She wants him to draw a picture for the office but he refuses the request without giving a reason. While at the library, Hiroki speaks to another student named Hagino. She asks about Elis and if he had a girlfriend which he said no. While sitting outside, the president of the art club Takeuchi asks him if he could teach right now. He gives advice to the fellow members of the art club on how to improve their drawings when Elis stops by the art club. Elis calls Takeuchi the water-painting devil for her talent and the other members didn't like her rudeness to the president. Another member brings in a boquet of roses as their theme for this week which Takeuchi asks Elis if she wanted to draw roses with the club. Elis refuses to draw the roses for some weird reason and Hiroki tells her to leave. During the night, Hiroki tells her that she needs to get along with everyone at the art club. She asks him to draw something again but he refuses her request and doesn't go into why.

The next day, Hiroki goes into the art club room and sees Takeuchi's drawing was ruined along with the vase of roses broken on the floor. The members are blaming Elis for the smashed pot and ruined painting. Hiroki asks Elis if she did it or not which she gets mad at him for suspecting her and leaves. He sees Elis's painting of the roses but instead of red roses, she painted blue roses and asks if anyone saw Elis broke the vase which he knows that she doesn't lie. He speaks to Hagino which she knew about the incident in the art club room and asks her to go some deduction work. They see one of the members, Hikari with a bag in her arms and went to talk to her. They found that the bag contain a flower vase which Hikari admitted that she broke the vase. Elis was in the art room painting when Hikari broke the vase at the time which splashed water over Takeuchi's painting. Hikari couldn't say that she was the one who broke the vase and left Elis hanging high and dry. Hiroki talks to Elis in the supermarket and apologizes to her. While walking back home, Elis tells Hiroki that she won't join the art club. She approaches a crosswalk that went from green to red and suddenly became scared when she saw the red signal. She recalls an incident when she was a child which she was involved in a car accident which kill her parents and covered them in blood. That's why she hates the color red because of that accident. Hiroki talks to Takeuchi about the accident and wants Elis to join the club because she would be a good rival for her. He manages to convince Elis to join the art club over dinner which her cooking wasn't good. Before going to bed, he wants to help Elis to overcome her hatred for the color red since it's a fatal flaw for an artist. The next day, they were running to school and passed by a woman which made Hiroki stop. He turns around to look at her to find out that it was the girl in the beginning of the episode which he refused her confession.

This is my first entry into the fall season of anime. Canvas 2 is based from an H-game and OVA series. It seems it has some interesting angles with Hiroki not drawing even though he's an art club advisor, Elis's hatred of red, and Hiroki's involvement with the mysterious girl. The animation is ok for the most part as it looks like a game with the backgrounds doesn't really matched up with the character animation. Also, it looks that some of the outlines aren't very smooth which distracts the viewer which also shows up in Shuffle as well. I didn't like the OP and ED songs which I really hated the ED sequence. For a show centered around art, it has some sloppy animation. Besides the animation problems, it can be an interesting show which I will continue blogging in the future. The next episode will have Hiroki and the mysterious girl talking a lot which Elis becomes angry with it.


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