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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Canvas Two 2

The new teacher, Kikyou Kiri introduces herself to the student body. Hiroki sits on a bench when he talks to Sakurazuka Ren who's one of his classmates and model. He tells her that the art club is doing human drawings next month and asks if she would model. She would accept his offer if he draw her as well and reminded him of the pictures that he drew in high school. Kiri introduces herself to the acting superintendent who wants her to advise the basketball team along with her duties as the gym teacher. Hagino was sitting with Hiroki for lunch when Kiri approached the table. She begins to question Kiri about Hiroki while eating lunch. Kiri tells them that she was looking for a local job and basically the gym teacher was the only job available. She was about to leave when Elis shows up to eat. They began to argue with each other while stealing Hiroki's lunch which he leaves soon afterwards without eating. Hagino talks to Elis after lunch and asks about her feelings about Hiroki and Kiri. During gym, Hiroki gives back a basketball to Kiri which she asked that she can go to his house after work was over.

Elis was drawing a bust when she heard that Hiroki won't be coming to the art club today. The president told her that she can draw without him here which Elis told her how Hiroki taught her to draw. While she was in the hositpal after the accident, Hiroki came by everyday with drawings of the outside world. Hiroki and Kiri went shopping and during that time, she keeps mentioning art to him even though he doesn't draw anymore. Then she talks about a guy named Yanagi and ask if he kept in touch with him which he said no. They come back to Hiroki's place with Elis waiting for them in the dark. Kiri talks about how drawing was the only thing that Hiroki took seriously. He mentioned that he starting drawing because of Elis's mother and Kiri kept praising him for the drawings. Elis suddenly leaves the table and when Hiroki asks her to clean her bowl, she said that he taught her how to deal and kept praising her for it. Kiri enters Hiroki's room and sees that there aren't any art supplies in his room. He finally tells her that he doesn't draw anymore. Kiri runs out which Elis runs after her to return her belongings. She asks Elis if she knew about Hiroki's refusal to draw anymore which she does and tells her that it started right after he graduated from high school but doesn't know why. She has Elis to help her to get back home. Elis asked her if she and Hiroki ever went out which they did but didn't do much together. After Kiri and Elis went their seperate ways, Elis encounters Hiroki not too far away and walked back together. Kiri, Hiroki, and Elis were having problems getting to sleep. Elis tries to get a kiss on Hiroki during the night but failed.

It seems that Kiri and Hiroki still have feelings for each other but something happened in the past which they couldn't be together. I wonder if Hiroki's refusal to draw is from Yanagi or possibly from Kiri since he stopped drawing after high school. There are many questions but so few answers at this time. This episode was good as it setups the conflicts for the series. It looks like that the next episode will be a Hagino episode. The gossip character takes center stage in the next episode who knows what's going to happen during it.


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