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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Canvas Two 3

Hiroki and Elise were out shopping when he sees Hagino talking to an older woman which she seem to be depressed. Elise gets a blue balloon which makes Hiroki carry it along while in a bookstore. He looks at the romance novels and sees a novel called Sumo Shounting Romance by Nakano Giwa which is Hagino's pen name. He buys the novel along with some books that Elise wanted. Hiroki was reading Hagino's novel while almost burning the stew. The next day, he shows the novel to Hagino which she get embarassed about it and tells her it is good except that it doesn't feel like reality. While Hiroki was sitting in the art room, Hagino stops by and asks him if he wanted to go a date for research purposes. He accepts Hagino's request which Elise was mad with him and gave him a shaken up drink. She draws on the balloon and pops it in anger. The next day, Hagino and Hiroki go on their date which Elise was spying on them which Kiri notices them as well. Kiri decides to follow them as well with her super speed and leaving Elise behind.

Hagino and Hiroki go to a coffee cafe where it's mostly filled with men so they look at the waitresses in their sexy outfits. Elise and Kiri are even in the cafe to spy on them when Kiri gets a call from the same woman that Hagino was meeting with earlier. Kiri was supposed to do something with her today but she decides to cancel which the woman understands and accepts. The woman decides to call Hagino which on Hagino's caller ID shows up as Devil Editor. Hagino doesn't answer her phone which she suspects something is up as she was supposed to doing manuscripts today. A couple of guys were looking at Elise's outfit which she gets mad at and almost got noticed by Hiroki and Hagino. Kiri keeps her quiet as the guys take pictures of her. Hagino and Hiroki do some print club photos as nurse and doctor as Kiri and Elise have cow and frog disquises. They realized that the date is for research which Kiri knows he can't refuse a favor but Elise doesn't think so as he does too much for her because he loses in rock, paper, scissors. While waiting to cross the street, Hagino sees her editor on the other side and tries to run away from her. Hiroki sees the editor and decides to help Hagino run away by carrying her on his back. After losing the editor, Hiroki and Hagino sit on a bench in the park watching the sunset which Hiroki asks her about the editor. Hagino tells him about her and how she's been in a slump recently with her writing. She got tired of the deadlines and writing about things which she doesn't write and lost her way. Hiroki tells her not to give up her dream and push even harder. Hagino decides that she wanted to kiss Hiroki which he refuses as Elise and Kiri try to stop them but it was an act by Hagino. They fell into the pool of water and Hagino tells them that she knew about Elise and Kiri were following them. Elise and Kiri are still mad at Hiroki for the date and takes parts of his lunch until Hagino showed up and told them about her novel which they tried to take his entire lunch.

The animation suddenly got better in this episode. The editor character in anime are portrayed as people who want the manuscript now and chase after their writers. The editor will probably appear a lot more as a friend of Kiri and hopefully not so much with Hagino. This episode is good in the respect that we know about Hagino more but the main characters take a back seat in this episode. It seems that the next episode will focus on the vice-president and her issues. I think they are trying to introduce the characters by giving them an episode before the series will continue with the main story.


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