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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Canvas Two 4

A girl named Misaki Aya has returned to Japan after her art exhibition in New York to spend time with her family and prepare for her next exhibition. She's the daughter of famous artist, Misaki Jirou and flute musician, Misaki Shizuka who also graduated from Nadesico Academy. She also has a sister still in the Academy who does choir who has a beautiful singing voice. During in the rain, Hiroki hears the younger Misaki, Sumire sister singing. She holds a turtle plushie while singing in the rain. During art club, Hiroki tells them that they have to draw posters for the choir concours which he and the choir will choose the ones that are going to be hung up. A student asks why they should draw for the choir which Hiroki tells her that it's nothing you should say. A fellow student tells the other student that Elis's work will be chosen anyway regardless what they draw since Hiroki has a bias towards her but the vice president tells them to shut up and draw. Hiroki likes the President's drawing as well. Elis soon leave afterwards which the other members of the art club didn't like at all. Hiroki talks to Elis which he asks her to be friendly with the other members but she feels that the others don't want to be friendly with her at all. The choir was having practice when Sumire was peeking inside which Elis sees her doing and talks to her. After talking for a little bit, Elis pushes Sumire into the door and the other choir members see her. Hiroki talks to Kiri about Elis which she said that she's fine since she's more an adult and worry about him because he teaches the art club where he doesn't draw himself. Hakino is stuck in deciding the ending of her story which Elis is happy about her place to write since she's alone. Sumire meets with a cat which caused her to drop her cake and Hiroki sees her predictment.

Hiroki meets with Sumire's family as a favor for buying cake after she dropped the initial batch of cake. He tries to leave to go back to Elis for dinner but it ended up that he had soba for dinner which Elis wanted to have for dinner. He came back to the house and sees that Elis has made some bad soba. He talks about how Sumire has a tough life with her family which Elis doesn't understand at all. The two students from before hated Elis's poster because that Hiroki is the advisor of the art club. The President talks to Elis and tells her that she likes her poster and vice versa as well. The head of the choir talks to her advisor about Sumire which she hasn't been showing up for practice because of what happened with last year. Elis sees Sumire in the arcade doing very well and asks what's wrong. They go to have a drink at a WacDonalds which Sumire tells her that last year, she frozed during a performance because of her family. Elis tells her about her inability to use red for painting abd about she hears Sumire singing in the back yard. Sumire explains the turtle charm which Elis takes and gives the idea to pretend that they aren't there. During the concours, Sumire had her eyes closed and manages to sing beautifully during the performance. After the performance, Aya gives Sumire some flowers for the performance while Hiroki and Elis watch from below which Sumire will pay her for the drink and Elis returns the turtle to her.

This episode introduces the sister of the heroine of the first game, Misaki Aya. Right now, the series is just introducing supporting characters and giving them backstories before Hiroki, Elis, and Kiri take center stage back from them. To me, they just introducing characters left and right and suddenly appear out of nowhere. The next episode introduces another character who's another art student and maybe some developments with Kiri and Hiroki.


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