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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Capeta 1

A kid named Capeta prepares a lunch for his father, Shige who works for a construction company and meets him outside. He tells him that he won't be back home until Monday so he had him to go to Monami's place for dinner. Capeta gives him his lunch and extra clothing for his work before he leaves. Shige talked to his co-worker about Capeta being able to cope being alone most of the time since he works a lot and his mother died. Meanwhile, Capeta mopes about how Shige can't come to the Sports Meet since he works on Sunday. While sitting on a railing, Capeta pretends to drive a race car until Monami shows up. She starts to nag him about why he didn't Shige about the sports meet and didn't show up for dinner until Nobu and a couple of friends showed up. Nobu begins to make fun of Capeta until Capeta steps on dog crap on purpose to make them run off. During a sprint race, Capeta manages to overtake Nobu until he hears Nobu's parents cheering him on which causes him to slow down and gave up. Monami and Capeta have lunch together with her parents until her dad took her to do the three-legged race. Monami's mother ask Capeta if he wanted to do the race with her but he refuses. During the race, he thinks that regardless how much effort put into something, it's pointless since there's no one to see him to do personally. Shige and his co-worker arrived at a racing go-kart track where their job for today is at.

While working, Shige sees the karts and thinks about the time when he gave Capeta the Lego racing car which made him happy. He approaches one of the racers' father and ask him how much a kart would cost which was 300,000 yen or $3,000. After the meet, Capeta looks at a car deeply until Nobu and his friends showed up. Nobu asked him if he purposely lost the race which made him mad for it. Nobu's friends grabbed Capeta from behind and Nobu was about to beat him up for saying that he likes Monami when he manages to escape and runs away from them. Nobu and his friends still continued to chase Capeta as they are on a wooden walkway. Capeta manages to jump off the walkway and grab a tree limb but it broke on him which allow Nobu and the others to catch up to him. They beat him up after pinning him to the ground. Back at the track, Shige sees some trash parts laying around and asked the manager if he could take which he said yes he can. Monami and her mother sees the beaten up Capeta and tried to bring him to their house but he ran off. Capeta throws his Lego car in disgust for what happen today. Shige came back home later that day and puts Capeta into bed along with fixing his car.

This series is Initial D but with go-karts. The main character Capeta is the sort who has great talent but can't use it to its full potential since he wanted to show it off to his father. This series is just another sports anime to me. The animation is a blend of CG models and static backgrounds mostly. I won't be blogging this series and determined that this series is at the bottom of the pack. The next episode will have Capeta driving the go-kart that Shige made from him.


  • At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You must be crazy to say this anime is at the bottom of the pack. This is as good or even better then slam dunk which is one of the top shounen series.

  • At 4:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    seconded. another anime geek opened his mouth. honestly, i think you should go out and drive a go cart and stop drooling over initial D... even over rev! is a more accurate portrayal of a street racer's life.

    the fact that you said that you generalize this anime as JUST ANOTHER SPORTS anime means who know nothing of it, just like those rednecks who think that the bigger the engine the faster you go. tsk, no skills.

  • At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I never Thought It will have only 52 episodes i wan it more pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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