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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cluster Edge 1

Two soldiers named Chalce and Chrome are about to take off before ground units converge on their position. Chalce was going to leave to Chrome at the hanger which he refused and try to go into the plane. The ground units arrived which Chrome decides to fight them so Chalce could take off without any problems. He manages to take out the ground units with ease. Two nations just recently signed a peace treaty after six months of war. Two guys from a regilious order overlook cloning vats which they used as soldiers in the war before sealing the room. Meanwhile, a boy wakes up on a train who was sleeping in part of cargo. Another boy named Beryl who's a part of the House of Jasper is enjoying lunch in the dining car which he's a student of Cluster EA which is the best prestigious school and many of the graduates are officiers in the army or bureaucrats. The boy from earlier tries to sneak into the dining car but failed and tries again with no success. Beryl was on his way back from the dining car which he meets with the boy and have an interesting encounter. The two employees of the train ask the boy if he knows Beryl which he said he doesn't know but he will be his friend soon. They gave him a piece of bread to get him to leave. The army blockades the tracks and makes the train stopped. The boy goes to the place he was sleeping in earlier and listens to the radio to hear about a plane being attacked nearby by the harbor. He removes the cloth from the place to reveal a plane.

The boy decides to head to the port in the plane and takes off after the employees tell him not to. A couple of naval cruisers begin to leave port while a couple of fighter planes tried to shoot down Chalse's plane. The boy's plane goes behind the plane trying to protect Chalse but gets shot at by both the planes and the cruisers. At one point, the boy seem to create a force field around them. After the force field vanished, Chalse was shot down while the boy just crashed landed into the ocean. Beryl hears a cover story about the closing of the harbor on the radio and sees a bunch of drunken soldiers before. He tries to get some answers from the soldiers which they tried to beat him up and failed doing so. The soldier tells him that both pilots are probably dead. Meanwhile, the boy emerges on shore with Chalce in hand.

I'm getting tired of lack of backstory and setting from anime now. It seems that the setting is somewhat like the 1920s but the polticial situation is somewhat unclear. I rather not jump in the series without some understanding of what's going on. Anyway, the boy seems to have some special abilities and will be a student of Cluster EA which is a school but for what, who knows. The series seems interesting but the characters need do some improvements. I won't be blogging this one but the next episode will have the boy arriving at Cluster EA and a new character named Fon will be introduced as another student of the school.


  • At 10:23 PM, Anonymous urd-chan said…

    Oh, you'll be more than enough backstory in later episodes. Personally, this series has become of my favorites. Can't wait to get my OVA episodes!


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