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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fall 2005 Anime Season Overview

If the summer season was the season of cuteness and moe, then the fall season is the complete opposite of that. This fall season is the season of darkness and crazy art styles. I decided a different way to rank them this time. I'm going to group the series into three categories with one series being the best one out of them. Now with the disclaimers. I will not cover any sequal series that I haven't seen its prequel series. To Heart 2, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's. and Angel Heart fall under that rule and will not be covered in this review. At this time, I still haven't seen a number of the new series and once I do, I'll add them to the overview. Let's begin the overview.

Bottom of the Pack:

Animal Yokocho - A series about a girl who has a door in her floor which three animals visited her and go on adventures and such. It's really a kids type of show and doesn't lend itself to much discussion.

Black Cat - Another Gonzo series which has some style to it but the first episode just kinda ask what's going on and felt like that you were drop in the middle of a series without knowing what happened in the past episodes. Maybe this series will explain it self as it's goes on but right now, it's not looking very good.

Cluster Edge - This series is Last Exile but with bishounen guys replacing the kids. The first episode wasn't anything special and wonders if it will get better as the series goes on.

Ginga Densetsu Weed - Imagine a shounen series. Now replace with talking dogs and the result is this series. Enough said.

Capeta - It's Initial D for kids. It doesn't seem as exciting as the adult series is. It may get better but I doubt it.

Happy Seven - It's a magical girl anime but the main character isn't the magical girl. This series is only 13 episodes and there's like about 15 characters involve in this. Character development has just went down the drain.

Lamune - A romance series about the daily lives of a guy and the girl next door who live in a quiet town. It's only 12 episodes and I have no idea where the series is going with this. I will just wait and see.

Middle of the Pack:

Aria - A series about a group of girls who run a gondola service on the Planet Aqua. This series will deal with the girls' interaction with their customers while riding on the gondolas. It's a series not for everyone and can be rather boring at times.

Canvas 2 - Based off the Canvas H-game, this series has some relation to the original game but it's not required watching for this series. The characters have some interesting problems like Elis's refusal to use red paint and Hiroki's refusal to draw ever again. To some people, it's just another harem anime but it has potential to be interesting.

Ginban Kaleidoscope
- It's about a Japanese figure skater trying to be best of the world but has a ghosty companion with her. This series has some great potential like it's anything like Hikaru no Go but not at the moment.

Noein - This series is rather weird and confusing but it has some potential. It seems to deal with two worlds with one world affecting the other world. So far, there hasn't been enough information about the plot to make the characters and setting to make sense. I'm not of high of this series that the hype has given it.

Solty Rei - This series is about a girl who has incredible strength but has no memory and teams up with a bounty hunter who searches for his daughter that he lost ten years ago. It has great animation and has a Bubblegum Crisis feel to it but it's see how Gonzo can mention the quality.

Karin - A series about a girl named Karin who's a vampire but not your ordinary vampire though. She can live in the daylight, produces blood, and gives it to other people. It's a nice comedy series with Karin's family to be interesting characters but Usui seems to be a little bit bland.

Top of the Pack:

Mai Otome - It's a spinoff series of the Mai Hime series. The original series started out slow but got better towards the middle and had a strong finish. Otome continues where Hime left off with most of the original cast left intact with some new main characters into the mix.

Paradise Kiss - A show about the lives of a couple fashion students and a high school girl who becomes their model for their clothing line. The art style is similar to Beck which makes it very stylish. If this series is anything like Beck, it will be good.

Mushishi - A show about a guy named Ginko who collects Mushi which are creatures that are neither plant or animal and most humans can't see them. It has the fantasy vibe like from Kamichu and Spirited Away. It's another episodic type of deal with new Mushi and mysteries introduced in each episode.

Shakugan no Shana - It has a different take of the otherworld as there are battles that take place hidden from human sight which their torches are sucked out and secretly replaced with fakes to cover up the battles. It had some good action sequences along with some creepy monsters. The series is shaping up to be something great.

Blood + - I'm not really sure where this series is related to with Blood: The Last Vampire movie but it's related somehow. It's very bloody and scary to some people. Let's see how long this series can stand a 52 episode run.

Rozen Maiden: Traumend
- It's the sequel of last year's Rozen Maiden series. It continues the adventures of Jun, Shinku, and the other Rozen Maiden dolls as they meet some new Rozen Maiden dolls and the mysteries of the Alice Game are revealed further. It will focus more Shinku this time around as Jun takes a backseat.

Leader of the Pack:

Jigoku Shoujo - This series is one of the most suprising series of the fall season. It has a dark vibe and portrays the theme of revenge in a different light as it can be good for the soul but it still has a terrible price. Even though it maybe episodic but it will very enjoybale to watch each episode.

If you want to argue or praise about my current rankings, please comment or use the shoutbox to talk about it. Any updates made to this overview will be mentioned in future posts or the shoutbox.


  • At 7:05 PM, Blogger Mentar said…

    Pretty good ranking, I think - at least for those shows I've seen so far.

    Personally, I'd push Canvas2 up a bit. A very underrated little show I learned to like alot!

    I'm not quite sure about Jigoku Shoujo for exactly the reason you menationed - its episodic nature. But we'll see.

  • At 1:43 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Canvas2 hasn't shown any reason for me to be pushed higher. It could be better as the series goes on but not right now.

    I forgot to put Noein initially in the overview and I have corrected it now. I think people will start killing me now for where I put Noein at since some people have said it's so cool and such. I liked things with style and substance but not lack of substance.


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