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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Fall Update

The seasons are finally changing which is a good thing since summer is over. As the seasons change, it's time for me to update the blog besides adding new posts. Anyway, I added a couple new blogs to the blogroll like Problematic 404 and Random Curosity. Everybody should Random's blog now but Problematic is a recently created blog. Please Problematic's blog and help him grow. The next order of business is the anime itself. I have removed Erementar Gerad from blogging to non-blogging since I became so far behind that there was a 10+ episode backlog and didn't feel like catching up.

As for the new fall season of anime, I will do the first episode of each series except for sequel series which I haven't watch the previous series. Once I have watched ten new anime, I will do an overview and keep updating as I keep watching new series. The first new anime I have watched for the season is part of the blogging category which is Canvas 2. I have already picked out three more series to blog for this season but I won't revealed what they are until I blog them.

Next item of business is that some of you may have noticed the recent ads above my site. Those are Google ads which are a part of Adsense. Yes, I hate ads as the next person does but please support me by clicking on them and I will click on any Adsense ads that you have on your blog or site. There's no commitent to buy. All you need to do is just click on them. Also, support your other bloggers by clicking on their Adsense ads.

The final order of business is that I put a Shoutbox in the blog. Now you can speak to me about ideas for the blog and along with other things instead using the comment system in some random post. I hoped that you guys will use the shoutbox to talk to me.

That is all and you can now resuming normal blogging.


  • At 3:39 PM, Blogger Problematic404 said…

    Hi Phoenix! AWWWE thanks for the shoutout...I greatly appreciate it! You've been one of the first people to add me to their blogroll! LOL umm..I dunno if you know this but im a girl...unless there is a total misunderstanding of what I read in your blog...than sorry LOL No hard feelings K? I've been trying to add my pic into my profile, but for some reason it won't let me.

  • At 2:31 AM, Blogger newt said…

    "Problematic is a recently created blog. Please Problematic's blog and help him grow"

    hahahahahaha - pokes Phoenix some... HIM HIM?!?!?!



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