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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 10

The Mithril sub departs for Hong Kong for their next mission. The soldiers are briefed on how the Lambda Drive is activated with the Gamma brainwave when the amplitude of this wave exceeds a certain level. It's very diffcult to generate the power field while sustaining the necessary amplitude but a drug called Type Ti970 can artifically produce the same reaction. After the briefing, Sousuke boards the Arbalest and has a chat with the onboard computer which he talks about how it is incomplete which the computer tells him that he's one of the reasons why it's incomplete. The computer even tries to help him but Sousuke refuses its advice and continues to argue with it until Mao come gets him. They are briefed about an AS that attack the city of Hong Kong and currently hiding in the city. The AS has stealth capabilities and is to believe that it wants to draw out Mithril or causing a war between North and South China. The objective of the mission is to capture the AS and do some recon work with the Information Bureau in order to find the AS. Sousuke packs his things up and passes by Tessa without saying a word or even look back at her which she became sadden by it.

Mao tells Sousuke and a couple of others about her past and her father while waiting for the Information Bureau person to show up. She tells them the story of how she join the Marines on her wedding day just to make her father angry. The Information Bureau introduce himself as Hunter and tells them that both sides of Hong Kong are under martial law. Mao tells him what areas that the AS will not go to like places that have birds or dogs since they can detect AS units regardless of their stealth capabilities. Mao and Sousuke search for the AS under the cover of a cleaning company. She tells Sousuke how she hates to see Hong Kong so devoid of life when they get stop at a checkpoint. They managed to get through the checkpoints just fine. Sousuke was thinking about Kaname when he crashed into a taxi. The soldiers pinned both Sousuke and Mao down when the enemy AS destroys a Southern Chinese AS unit. It destroys two more units before leaving the area. Mao tells Sousuke to forget about Kaname or leave which Sousuke decides to leave Mao.

Well, it was a rather slow episode especially with the previous episode. Sousuke has now reached rock bottom as his mind is not at ease with leaving Kaname to Wraith. One part of his problem is that he denies that he has a problem to begin with. This was shown with his argument with the Arbalest computer. I'm beginning to think that the ending might be rushed with three episodes left. I'm hoping that the next episode will increase the tension again like in episode 9 but I doubt it. The next episode will have Sousuke dealing with his problem as he encounters a Kaname look-alike and Gates makes another move.


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