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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 11

Gates slowly heading towards Hong Kong to kill Yui Lan for her actions. Sousuke sees a family packing up their store to leave Hong Kong and tries to paid for a bottle of scotch but the guy allows him to take the bottle for free. The other two members of the search team checked out a building and found a corpse with a message on it. The message is "To the child of Bdakshon's tiger. Meet Hamidra at Tsim Sha Tsui." Mao reports to the message to Tessa which there were additional bodies and newspapers has the same message. Kalinin takes a look at the message and tells them that Bdakshon's tiger refers to a guerrilla leader of Helmajistan called Majid. Various assassins have tried to kill him but failed and one of those assassins was a child who was renamed Kashim by Majid. Tessa tries to contact Sousuke but Mao tells her that he left. Sousuke continues to walk in the empty city to see a Kaname look-alike hooker trying to get some money from some soldiers. She sees him along with the bottle of scotch and manages to convince him to go with her.

Kruz and the rest of the Uruz team hears about Sousuke quitting the mission which Uruz 1 figures out that his leave has to do with Kaname. The hooker tells Sousuke that he reminds her of an ex-boyfriend and smile. He tells her that he only knows how to fight which she laugh him because his disguise is of a cleaner. She tells him that friendship and trust are a waste of time and that relationships should be bought only. She tries to get him to sleep with her but Kaname's words managed to get through Sousuke. He leaves some money and leaves her place with the bottle of scotch. Mithril command wants to launch all M9s now except for the Arbalest to Tessa. Even though she initially argues against the order, she orders the launch of the M9s and orders Mao and the remaining search teams to head back. Hunter is angry with the order to attack. Meanwhile, Sousuke sits at a bench and tries to drink the scotch only to spit it back out. He throws away the bottle and sees the message on a newspaper.

It seems that the hooker actually help him to deal with his problem for a little bit but the problem isn't completely resolved yet. I think the problem won't be resolved until the last episode when he fights with Venom. Now the question is how Kaname will fit into the ending because the ending will not resolve everything. If it did, it would be rushed and that would be bad. The next episode will have Sousuke trying to find Kashim and the other twin along with a flashback of his past.


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