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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 12

The South China government claims that Venom is related to North China. The Uruz team has 90 minutes to find Venom before Hong Kong becomes a sea of fire. Gates makes fun of Yu Fan has she calles Yu Lan's cell phone which Leonard had when he delievered her corpse to him. Hunter realizes that the North and South governments don't want a drawn out war when Kaname arrives at his office. Sousuke looks someone who met with Fan which gives him a map to a park. He sits on a bench as he hears a cell phone vibrating in the trash can. She tells him to go to the North exit and get into a taxi cab. While heading towards the location, Sousuke tries to question the driver but with no avail. After Sousuke exits the cab, Fan talks to him from across the street and tells him to go to the second floor to the farthest room from the building hehind him. He looks around before going into the building and sees Kowloon on one of the street signs. He goes to the farthest room and sees the injured body of Gaulun who he thought defeated and killed three months ago. Gaulun survived the battle with the help of the Lambda Drive which protected him after the explosion. He wanted to talk to Sousuke since he had little time left to live and spread that message throughout the city as "Meet Hamidra in Tsim Sha Tsui" was only for Sousuke to understand which he was supposed to look for a Helmajustani electrician. Gaulun thought he would bring more people with him and thinks that he was getting tired of Mithril.

Gaulun tells Sousuke about Analgam's objective which to research and develop new military technologies and test them in combat. They would cause wars to test their technologies as the top officials of each country was involved with Analgam. Yu Fan drops by in Venon to tell Gaulun that she's taking off to fight. Gaulun tells Sousuke about the twins which he raised and acted like Sousuke. He ordered the twins to attack Hong Kong and knows that Yu Fan will died by Mithril or Analgam's Execution Squad which they are heading towards her even now. Sousuke asks if they had a Whispered which they do with Leonard but he's incomplete as the Whispered has differences in the amount of knowledge they possess. For example, Kaname has knowledge with the Lambda Drive while Tessa has knowledge about submarine technology. Each Whispered needs to be tested to see which area of knowledge they specialized. During the Khanka incident, they tested Kaname's Whispered knowledge. Sousuke asks where Analgam's bases and agents are which Gaulun doesn't care. After Sousuke said please, he tells him that he lost his saintly eyes which they have no qualities of humanity. Mithril detected Venom's attack and Tessa orders that the Arbalest to be outfitted with the Emergency Deployment Boosters along with a Boxer Shot Cannon on standby. The First Officer questions Tessa's orders as he believes that Sousuke is a coward and her order is based on emotion. Tessa comes back with examples of Sousuke's bravery in the first season which makes him accept her judgement and believes in her. The Uruz team hears the entire conversation just now and gives them confidence to capture Venom. They start engaging Venom and so far, they have no success in stopping it. Meanwhile, Gaulun tells Sousuke that he filled with internal conflict as the people in Mithril and the school filled him with ideas like friendship and trust. Sousuke almost kills him as the bullet misses Gaulun's head by inches. Gaulun tells him that he ordered Fan to destroy Hong Kong while Lan kills Kaname for bringing down Sousuke and tells him that Kaname is dead. He brings to make of Sousuke which makes him kill him in cold blood but Gaulun left a bomb that was set go off when he died. Sousuke manages to jump out of the windown and survives the explosion.

This episode had two great conversations: Sousuke and Gaulun; Tessa and the First Officer. The first conversation basically fill in some additional pieces in the first series and the current one. Sousuke killed Gaulun out of anger in the end which is not like him as he rarely show any emotion when killing someone. It really shows that Sousuke is becoming more human as Kaname influenced him and gave him emotion. Then there was the second conversation which shows how Tessa stood her ground with her much older First Officer as she believes in Sousuke and everyone else. She's not going to give up on Sousuke so easily. Kaname is going to make a final appearance and probably helps Sousuke to realize the potential of the Arbalest. There probably will be a major three way between Yu Fan, Mithril, and the Analgam Execution Squad lead by Gates. The next episode will end the series and probably there will be a fourth season as some questions will be still left unanswered.


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