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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ginban Kaleidoscope 1

It's the second round of the Women's Figure Skating Grand Prix and currently, Russian skater Ria Juitiev is in firsth place. The next skater is Tazusa Sakurano from Japan who considers herself worth $10 billion in beauty. She begins her program which she was doing well until she landed badly from doing a Triple Lutz. She wakes up in the infirmary with her coach, Takashima there. The final results of the competition were Ria first, the Canadian Stacey second, and the American Dominique third. Tazusa needs to do a lot of work in order to get into Torino which a woman named Mishiro who she's nicknamed Ms. Nasty III. Mishiro tells Tazusa to smile more as it's important which the top skaters smile during their programs. She also is part of the selection commitee for picking the Japanese representative for Torino and leaves them. Tazusa really hates Mishiro for her comments but Takashima says that she gave her support. She walks into Dominique who begins to insult her as she doesn't speak English. As Dominique speaks to her, she hears a voice telling her to say "Kiss my ass" which manages to get Dominique to leave her alone. She wonders about the voice just now but she doesn't think much of it. Tazusa and Takashima returned to Japan with a bunch of reporters asking her questions of her recent performance. Takashima tells them that they will have a press conference soon. After getting in the limo, he tells her that to ignore them and get a day of rest before practicing again. The next day, Tazusa couldn't get any sleep as a girl named Youko tells her to get ready for school and eat breakfast. She goes to the Akira Tourando Academy for Girls as media members were nearby at the school and meets up with her friend, Mika. During the opening ceremony, she hears a voice in her head and begins to talk out aloud to it. Tazusa's talking aloud gets her into trouble with one of the sisters.

After talking to the sister in the staff room, she runs into the bathroom and talks with the voice. The voice introduces himself as Pete Pumps, a 16 year old Canadian who just died five days ago. Somehow, he possessed her as a ghost which she wants him to leave her body. Mika shows up and wonders if Tazusa is going crazy as she's shouting at nothing. Tazusa goes back to Takashima's house and tells Pete to get out of her body but he said that he can't leave. She tries various methods to get rid of Pete but failed. Then she begins to pound her head on the wall which hurts Pete as well. Youko and Takashima sees her pounding her head on a table before she collapses. They think that she's hurting herself because of her bad results. She continues to talk to the ghost which she doesn't realize that they were still in the room. Takashima tells her to continue to rest as telling them that she has a Canadian ghost wasn't such a good idea. Then she takes a bath trying to get rid of Pete by hot temperatures and thought got rid of him but he was still there and able to see her naked body. As a last resort, she drinks hot sauce to get rid of Pete but ends up getting her mouth burned. She manages to get some sleep even though she usually can't get any sleep after losing a competition. The next morning, she thinks that Pete is gone but he's still there as he can't leave her for 100 days.

This series reminds of Hikaru no Go but I doubt he knows much about skating. He will probably help her to smile while she skates. Tazusa needs to find a way to talk to Pete without talking to him out loud. If the series has the potential of Hikaru no Go then it would be good and worth blogging for me. The next episode has Tazusa continue to deal with Pete along with her press conference for her recent bad results.


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