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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ginga Densetsu Weed 1

There's a place within the Ohu Mountains called Futago Pass which is a paradise for dogs. Fourteen years ago, there was a demon bear named Akakabuto who ruled Futago Pass in a fortess called Gajou. An attack from 750 dogs lead by a Tore-Ge Akita named Gin managed to defeat the bear after many days by using the Battouga. Back to the present, a new monster attacks the dogs. A dog named Smith leaves the others to protect Sakura who was the wife of the dogs' leader. The story continues six months later in the Alps, a dog named was about to kill some ducks when a blue dog attacks the ducks causing them to scatter. The other dog manages to get one of them before the rest of them flew away. The blue dog tries to wrestle away the capture dog but initially fails. He tries again and manages to run away with the duck for a little bit before being captured again. The blue dog tells the other dog that the duck is for his mother. The other dog tells him that he can take the duck but thievery is wrong and give him a warning about leaving the mountain because it's Nero's territory. Then the dog tells him that his name is GB the English Settler and ask what his name was but he left before getting an answer. The blue dog gave the duck to his mother which was Sakura who is very sick and becoming very thin. GB is attacked by Nero and his goons for failing to get any ducks. He is told to go to the duck farm to get some ducks which he does and finds that the farm is being guarded by another dog. The blue dog meets with GB on the creek but gets yelled at until another dog showed up. The blue dog overheads their plan to steal ducks and tries to convince them to stop but it fails. GB and Sasuke tries to get some ducks at the farm but they're being watched by the guard dog.

Sasuke makes an effect to capture the dogs but gets caught by the guard dog. GB doesn't help Sasuke as he gets a duck and runs away only to meet up with the blue dog. He tries to convince GB to help Sasuke from the dog. After GB walks away, the blue dog begins to attack the guard dog which brings the attention of Smith. GB continues to hear the cries of the blue dog and realizes what a coward he was and runs back to the farm to see the blue dog pinned by the guard dog. GB attacks the guard dog and ends up getting pinned himself. The blue dog continues to charge at the dog in order to release GB. After getting tired of the blue dog's attacks, the guard dog throws him into the farm. The attack makes the blue dog do the Battouga which cut off the left ear of the guard dog. He wanted to fight more but he feels the bloodlust of Smith and backs away. Smith asks the blue dog about the attack which he doesn't remember it and managed to confirm that the blue dog is his leader's son. They go to where Sakura is and she licks the place where Smith's right foreleg was cut. She tells Smith to take the blue dog to his father in Ohu and dies. GB tells the blue dog to be strong and gives him the name of Weed. Smith, GB, Sasuke, and Weed begin their journey to Ohu.

This isn't your typical animal adventure. There will no joyous sing-alongs (hopefully) and cute animals. There is blood in it but it's not that bad. It's a coming of the age tale but with dogs. I liked the first episode and the characters are ok at the moment. Finally, I get a backstory and names from this new season unlike other anime I blog so far. I liked the OP and ED sequences and don't really have any strong feelings towards the songs. The next episode deals with their encounters with a gang of evil dogs which their influence is having a bad effect on a pup.


  • At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi i'm a Ginga Densetsu Weed Fan and i hope u would do MOOOOOOOOOOORE subs becose i have watched this 1st epsode a million times now and i have watched the 2nd episode without subs so please sub 2-5 episodes then i can be happy =)

  • At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you can actually watch the episodes wthout downloading them on you tube

  • At 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hai! I've watched ALL the episodes of 'ginga densetsu weed' on youtube
    (copy the link above)
    the last epi. VERY sad really T.T


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