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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 46

ZAFT forces captured all the relay colonies and will take them to lunar orbit. The Minerva takes a rest at the Lunar Base before their next mission. Shinn and Rey did some target practice and Lunamaria wanted to talk to Shinn but she got angry at him. She wanted to tell him not worry about Athrun and Meyrin. Archangel arrives at the Lunar Surface City of Copernicus. Athrun tells Kira about Shinn and how when the Archangel was shot down was the turning point of his decision to leave ZAFT. Meanwhile, Meer sings to herself while remembering things in the past. She has tea with her bodyguard, Sara who gives her the idea to go after the real Lacus after saying that the real Lacus is a fake for not being with Dullindal during the entire war.

Lacus, Meyrin, Athrun, and Kira are going out to the city for a little bit. Neo tries to flirt with Ramius which he suggested that they take a bath together. Meyrin and Lacus are having fun shopping while Athrun is just worried about everyone. While trying out clothes, Meer's Haro comes up to them (Engrish and all) with a note attached to it. The note says that Meer will be killed and she wants Lacus to save her at a location. They all decide to go even though it's a trap. They meet Meer at the same location where Athrun went after Lacus in the previous series. Meer pulls out a gun on them which Athrun shoots away. Lacus tells Meer that she can have the name and appearance but they are two different people. She manages to get Meer to see the light. Sara was about to shoot Lacus when Torii altered her presence to them. They ran for cover from Sara and her goons. Athrun manages to take the goons while Neo arrives at the scene in the Akatsuki. Sara while injured tries to kill Lacus but Meer takes the bullet for her. Meer wants Lacus to remember her songs and life while handing her a photograph of her previous self.

The Meer and Lacus saga has come to an end but it could have been easily extended for a couple more episodes. At least, Meer did get some redemption at the end unlike some of the past woman Gundam characters. Her death wasn't as powerful as some of the Gundam deaths in the past as well. Now, I already know that the next episode will be a recap of Meer's involvement in the series. I really hoped that the next Gundam series won't have 10 recaps placed throughout the series. You don't placed a recap before the final three episodes of a series. That's just a wasted episode. Well, wake me up when the story comes back.


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