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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Seven 1

In 1333 AD, Kyoto was struck by Tennouji's Youreboshi which was a giant red meteorite. Before the event, a girl notices a bunch of dancers that weren't human at all along with a man who laughed as the meteorite came crashing down to Earth. A girl wakes up from dreaming that event in the present time who was trying to study for a test tomorrow. She gets up from her chair and trips up on a smaller chair which caused her to step on her new cell phone. Suddenly, she sees a bright red light coming from the school and falls into a trance. The next thing she knows that she's at the school and a girl floating in mid-air named Kokuanten appears next to her. Kokuanten asks what was the girl's name which she said was Sakogami Amano. Suddenly a bunch of demons showed up to kill Amano when a knight saves her and runs away from the demon attack. They get surrounded by demons and almost was attacked by one of them when a girl in red saves them. The red girl is a part of a group called Happy Seven and the demons attacked them instead. Amano and the knight land on the ground which the knight erases her memory with a stone called Mekkyakuseki. Amano wakes up in her bed the next morning but doesn't remember anything at all and notices her broken cellphone. During her walk to school, her two friends Mashiko Mimi and Tokuta Nene talked to her about her problems. Her friends talks about her amazing bad luck which even the school newspaper and film club was going to do a story about her bad luck. While looking at the window, she sees the knight in the soccer field which she remember from last night but she thinks that was a dream. She tries to meet up with him but falls down the stairs and bursts through a door. Amano sees a bunch of girls (aka Happy Seven) who offer their help to break her streak of bad luck. The red girl from earlier sees a dark aura which is caused by a Magatugami.

Amano wakes up in Happy Seven club room after a bucket hits her head. Happy Seven introduced themself to Amano. The red girl is Kuroda Kuriya. The blond hair girl is Kitayama Tamon. The purple hair girl is Sarasugawa Kiku aka Okiku. The blue hair girl is Oki Mahiru. The older woman is Munakata Miku who's also the advisor of the club and the school's doctor. The twin girls are Kotobuki Mina and Nami. There's also two other non-powered members who are Kitayama Kuan who wears glasses and Shouda Shouko aka Shoujou who has pink haired. Their group is called the Better Fortune Research Organization. Shoujou almost reveals Happy Seven's magical nature until the other girls piled on her. Kuriya tells Shoujou that Happy Seven is a secret. Meanwhile, Kokuanten talks to her boss as they planned their next move as the boss uses the information given by someone named Kuki Tomoya. Amano recalls her talk with Happy Seven as they give her an idea to remove her bad luck which she goes to the Stone of Prayer and prays for happiness. She continues to pray until the night when a beam of light surrounds the stone and hears a voice. The dark aura from before seperates from her body and takes form a monster called Mabiki who was the reason for her bad luck. He was about to eat her until Happy Seven saves her from his advance. Shoujou surrounds Mabiki with a force field while Happy Seven explains that they can fight monsters but cannot detach them at all without the attached person's help. Shoujou and Kuan talked Amano away while Happy Seven transforms into their magical forms. Amano sees the knight named Kagawa Kikunosuke from earlier running towards them and transforms himself. She says that she remembers him from last night which Shoujou and Kuan was worried about.

It's another magical girl anime but the main character isn't the magical girl but an ordinary girl who had a monster attached to her which caused extremely bad luck. This series is only stated for a 13 episode run which won't give it proper character development with the members of Happy Seven. This series is so screwed because it may tried to do too much with the manga storyline and it will be very lackluster. It looks like the next episode will have Happy Seven actually do some fighting for once.


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