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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Honey and Clover Review

This series is about a group of art students in college dealing with their everyday lives and the problems that come from them. There's Takemoto Yuuta who has to deal with his crazy roommate, Morita Shinobu who has the ability to make crazy amounts of money but drives his advisor insane. Mayama Takumi who also lives with them deals with the problems of love with two women. The love lives of Takemoto and Morita intersect when a genius art student named Hanamoto Hagumi came into their lives.

I absoultely love this series as each episode got better than the previous one. Each main character in the series could be actual people in real life from the way they deal with their problems and reactions to them. Also, I really think that there's no one truly main character but people think that Takemoto is the main character. I was really moved by the characters' emotions during the series which is a good thing for a successful series. The art style can be quite odd to some people but it doesn't detract the series and the music fit perfectfully at each point in the episode. It also had some great comedy scenes which just made me laugh out loud.

I truly believe that this series is a must watch for everyone even though the ending was a little open-ended but that's where the manga comes in. I give Honey and Clover a 5 out of 5.


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