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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ichigo 100% OVA 4

Junpei and the others are heading towards a mountain lodge to raise funds for the film club. Once arriving at Sawayaka Pension the owner Koshoku, manager Shikibe, and the head chef, Kuhara introduced themselves to the film club. The girls clean the inside of the pension while the guys are chopping firewood outside. Koshoku supervises the girls while Shikibe watches the guys and Kuhara prepares the food. Shikibe doesn't really care what the guys are doing since he wants to be inside looking at the girls' underwear which Koshoku was doing. Shikibe and Kuhara confront Koshoku for hogging all the girls which he promises that they enjoy them as well when Junpei tells them that they finish chopping wood. They tell Junpei to clean the backyard and proceed to evaluate the girls and pick out which one to go after. Koshoku goes after Satsuki, Shikibe Chinami, and Kuhara Misuzu. They tried to flirt with them but they run away from them and hide behind Junpei who was outside with the hose. The girls tell him that they were sexually harassing them and Koshoku grabs Satsuki's arm forcefully. Junpei sprays Koshoku with the hose and eventually, all three of them for trying to harass them.

They were discussing how they were going to get the girls when Satsuki came in to the room telling him that the cleaning is done. She was about to leave when Koshoku stuck his foot on the door as she tried to close the door which gave him a foot injury. They decided to make Junpei break a vase by tripping of a wire that they setup earlier. They used their guilt of breaking a priceless vase to make them do anything they want. So the next day, they made Satsuki dress on a cop, Nishino a nurse, Toujou as a cowboy, Yumi as a ninja, Kozue as a random cosplay, Chinami as a fairy, and Misuzu as a demon. The three of them are enjoying themselves with the girls' costume cosplay and had them dress in Chinese dresses for the afternoon. In the evening, they made the girls dress up in maid outfits. Junpei apologizes to the girls for what he did when Koshoku came into the room and ask for Satsuki to come with him alone. Junpei asks him what he wanted to talk to Satsuki about which was about his behavior towards him which he tries to stand up for him. Koshoku pushes him aside which Junpei want to continue to resist but Satsuki decides to go with him. He takes her to his room and tries to moleste her until Junpei manages get into the room. The other two tried to stop him and thrown him into the wall which had the same vase that Junpei broke earlier. Everyone else saw the vases and beat up the three guys. The guys ran away and everyone except for Junpei and Satsuki which she embraces him with her bare breast on his chest. Outside of the pension, Koshoku's father has come back home which he wasn't dead as previously stated. Junpei and Satsuki were about to kiss when the others came back to the room. In typical Ichigo fashion, everyone is confused and starts to beat up Junpei for being a perv.

Well, the fourth OVA isn't based on the manga. This was extremely bad as the storyline was taken from a hentai doujin but without the porn or nudity. The only good thing about the OVA was it had Kozue-chan in it but she didn't have a huge part in it at all. I heard that there's one more and I'm really afraid what it might shaped up especially with this OVA episode. Basically, this OVA is the worst one yet out of the four.


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