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Friday, October 14, 2005

Jigoku Shoujo 1

Hashimoto Mayumi is the class representative and in charge of keeping the money for the community. Later on the day, she tries to find the money only turning up empty in the search. A girl named Kuroda along with her friends appeared to her. The following day, Mayumi hangs up a plaque in the classroom from the money that they donated to the community. Kuroda and her friends has a chat with Mayumi which she borrowed money frin her to cover up her mistake of losing the money. So far, Mayumi has only paid off the interest of Kuroda's loan. Kuroda asks Mayumi to buy them juice and while buying juice, she hears a couple of girls talking about a website called Hell's Correspondence which you posted a request for revenge on a person at midnight. They go on saying that the person who makes the request will die and that girls have disappear from it. Kuroda taunts Mayumi for buying juice instead of a soft drink and spills the drink afterwards. Mayumi's mother begins to wonder about the missing money recently while talking to Mayumi who leaves soon afterwards. Before midnight, Mayumi tries to access HC but with no success until the clock hit midnight which the website appeared. She enters Kuroda's name into the website and has doubts hitting the submit button when Kuroda calls and was nearby. The next day, people were talking about rumors of Mayumi of being out last night which even the teacher asks her that she was going out. After talking to the teacher, Kuroda pulls her aside and the end result is a black eye. Mayumi's mother realized that Mayumi has been stealing the money. Mayumi decides to send Kuroda's name to HC and a few seconds later, she gets a call from them which freaks her out. The next day, Kuroda reminds Mayumi to meet her at eight. At eight, they go to a bad part of the city which Kuroda has Mayumi to pick up a guy. She looks at the alleyway to see a girl in darkness before one of Kuroda's friends pushed her into a random guy. Mayumi didn't felt comfortable with the guy and ran away. She cried in an alleyway when Kuroda showed a picture of her and the guy in an embrace. At that point, she decides to commit suicide on a nearby building. During the freefall, a girl was falling with her and transports her into another world.

The girl introduces herself as Enma Ai who gives Mayumi a doll with a red string on its neck. When the red string is pulled, Kuroda will go straight to hell and Mayumi will go to Hell when she dies. Mayumi finds herself on the sidewalk after talking to Ai. The next day, Kuroda wanted to ask Mayumi something which she runs off to the bathroom. After leaving the bathroom, the teacher shows her the picture that Kuroda took last night and will be punished for her actions. After talking to him, Kuroda and her friends laugh at her which made her to go the roof and pulled the red string to begin the revenge. Kuroda gets a call from Mayumi to meet her at the school at 10 and once she arrived at the school, she sees Mayumi and begins to chase after her in the school. Kuroda chases her into their classroom which she sees her classmates and teacher without faces. She exits the room and chases after Mayumi again but loses her. She opens a door and sees people playing outside. She picks up a volleyball which turns into a skull and a bunch of girls gang up on her. She runs away from them and closes the door. She sees the teacher and walks with him to her friends which they are sucked into the wall. The teacher changes his form into an older bald man. Kuroda sees the day when Mayumi left the classroom to steal the money from her bag and begins her slavery of her. She asked if there was any witnesses to the crime which a giant eyeball in the ceiling spoke to her. Then a woman, the old man from earlier, and a young man appear around her. They tried to get her to confess her sins but she won't admit that she didn't do anything wrong. The young man points to Ai who didn't confess her sins. Ai transports Kuroda to a raft going to Hell with her manning the boat. The next day, Mayumi is a lot happier now even though she's going to Hell for the revenge and has a mark on her chest.

I really like this anime. It's just something so refreshing about it that I can't put into words. I really hated Kuroda for what she did to Mayumi and thought she did nothing wrong. Even though Ai will be the main character of the anime, it will probably focus on the girls who want revenge on the people that hurt them so much. I really hoped that Ai would get some character development as well and not just be the demon of revenge. Even though revenge isn't supposed to be satifising but you can't feel that for Mayumi, it made her happier that Kudora disappeared from his life. I wasn't going to plan to blog this series but after the first episode, this series will now be blog by me. I think this series is one of the surprises of the fall season so far. The next episode will deal with a girl named Takamura Ryouko who's being stalk by a guy.


  • At 9:30 PM, Anonymous kawaii said…

    I just finished watching this show, and I really enjoyed it as well. I could relate to Mayumi's character because I was like her in school - I always got picked on by the popular girls, but I did something about it and took Hapkido. lol It's a shame that she never even tried to stand up for herself, though. Now she'll be going to Hell as a result of taking revenge on Kuroda, which I suppose was worth it for her. Can't wait to watch the next episode!


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