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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Law of Ueki 26

Kobasen says that the second round only has 25 power users and Robert tries to ignore the cease-fire until Kobasen reveals a bracelet that creates a holographic image of God. Ueki has a hard time believing that God actually dresses up like that. God tells Robert that Kobasen has an item that renders powers useless. Kobasen is acting as God's representative in Hell to tell Ueki and the others about the second round. Ueki asks God if Kobasen was set free but that was not the case as a Heavenly Being cannot live anywhere else once sent to Hell. Then Ueki gave God the idea to make Inumaru and Kobasan God Candidates again which he accepted the idea and made Inumaru as Sano's candidate and Kobasan as Mori's candidate since there's a player missing for the second round. Mori hated the idea of being in the second round but was forced into by Ueki, Rinko, and Sano. Kobasen was going to warp everyone out of Hell but Ueki wanted to be with Kobasen. Kobasen tells Ueki that he was proud of him before leaving hell. Robert acknowledges Ueki as a person that he can fight at full strength and tells him to get stronger for the next time they meet. Mori continues to try to find out her power before visiting Rinko and Sano in the hositpal. Tenko tells Mori that Ueki was healed by the Healing Beast and suddenly appears in a tomato head costume which he made from the zai of special makeup. Robert talks to Margaret as he was proud of Robert for going into the second round and closer to their goal to erase all humans but Robert doubts this goal now. Margaret's attitude towards Robert changed as he tells him that he has a replacement for him. Robert's replacement, Anon comes in and calls Margaret, father. Margaret explains to Robert that Anon is his real son. The Margaret that Robert knew was a false father to him as the fake Margaret dropped Robert in the human world and wanted Robert to hate all of humanity. The fake Margaret tells Anon to defeat Robert quickly which he did in eight minutes. Anon even managed to survive against the 10-star Treasure Satan and eats Robert afterwards.

Mori asks Ueki why his Zai went down as he went from 19 to 10 which Ueki said that he beat up a gang for attacking an old man. They see Anon helping an old woman finding a pendant which her dead uncle gave to her long ago. Anon asks her if the pendant was destroyed, would she died? He decides to test his theory and was about to smash the pendant when Ueki used Raika to prevent Anon from smashing it. Anon was confused by Ueki's caring for other lives and suddenly transforms his face into Robert's. He mentions that he has taken over Robert's mind and body which even has the PC registers Anon as Robert. Anon mentions that he doesn't like this place and leaves Ueki and Mori before a truck hits that exact spot a few seconds later. Anon sees a big dog bullying a small dog with a nearby. The big dog was afraid of Anon and ran away. The small dog begins to growl at Anon as well and was about to be thrown over the power lines just to see if the dog would come back to the boy when Ueki stop him. Anon tells Ueki that he took over Robert because he wasn't going to destroy all humans. Robert is still alive until Anon decides to seperate him from his body. Ueki uses Ranma on Anon but he manages to avoid it by inches while observing the shape of the blade and attack patterns. He was about to attack again when Mori tells him to stop as she uses the Kobasen card on him. Anon tells Ueki that he realizes why he was considered as Robert's rival and could become stronger than Robert. Anon leaves Ueki and Mori for today as he goes down to hell. Ueki was crying over the fact that Robert was gone as he was reverting back to his good self and his body being used against her well.

The second round is about to begin as Anon appears on the scene and takes over Robert's body to complete the mission that Robert was about to abandon. Mori still doesn't know what her powers are while Anon seems to have the ability to predict the future just like Spiderman's spider sense. Now Ueki has to deal with battling Anon while preserving Robert's life along with the fake Magaret's plan to erase all humanity. The next episode has Ueki, Mori, Rinko, and Sano finding a fifth member for their team of five for the next round as Rinko suggests a power user named Souya Hideyoshi.


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