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Monday, October 10, 2005

Mai Otome 1

A bunch of men attacked a town with monsters trying to capture the princess. She escapes with her child which she just send floating away before the enemy catches up to her. Fourteen years later, that same child collaspes in the desert which there's a ship nearby. The people of the ship looked at the Kurochs which are small, puffy white balls while a Tate look-alike tries to pick up a beautiful woman. The ship ignores the child which she decides to catch up to it. At a cafe, a girl named Nina Wong is waiting for the Tate look-alike when she was given a drink by one of the customers for her status as a future Otome. The child sees Nina's drink and knocks the table over which she manages to catch the glass and has the drink before falling to the ground. Nina falls on the girl and her father tells her about her embrassing position. Natsuki and Shizuru talk about the upcoming Hime procession ceremony which hasn't happened in 14 years. They need to find the princess who has gone missing. The child apologizes to Nina who doesn't like her calling her Nina-chan. The Tate look-alike calls the child an ant which the child tells him that her name is Yumemiya Arika. The Tate look-alike introduces himself as the general of the Altai embassy, Sergey Wong. Arika wanted to repay her debt to Nina but she refuses. Also, she was in awe with the train since she hasn't seen a train before. Meanwhile, Aoi Senoh and Sakomizu Cardinal are looking for the princess with Aoi holding Mikoto. Akira asks Nina where the Galdelupe School was which Nina asks why she wants to know. She tells that her mother was an Otome which the school trains potential Otomes. Nina doubts that Arika could become an Otome since she comes from a backwater country called Canaria. Arika doesn't even know about television which Nina mentions that the city of Wind Bloom preserved most of Earth's technology. On the TV, it shows Shizuru who's a Mai-star Master Otome. Arika is in awe with a hologram and points at various holograms until she points at a girl standing at the edge of a roof. There are three men who wanted to catch the girl who is Mashiro and falls off the building as she tried to jump to the next building. Nina and Arika rushed to rescue the girl which Nina was surprised at Arika's speed. They managed to save Mashiso who bounces into a dumpster. The men returned which Mashiso asks Nina and Arika to protect her from them. They managed to take out the men but Arika pushes Mashiso into the water. The three of them are being spied by a mysterious man.

Cardinal is mad at his men for their inability to attain the princess while Aoi looks at the cat. The three girls arrive at an airport which Arika is amazed at the airplanes. Nina was about to leave until Mashiso shows her ring to her which makes Nina kneel down to her. The mysterious guy pricks his finger on a gem to summon a Slave which its target is Mashiso. Even though Nina is an Otome, she needs a master to activate her powers which Mashiso agrees to become her temporary master. The professor detects Nina's activation of her powers and calls Natsuki about it. Natsuki is worried that Nina broke the rule that students can't battle but Shizuru tells her that the princess is nearby. Nina tries to battle the Slave but isn't powerful enough to defeat it. The girls go into a plane which activates by itself fron Arika's necklace which the plane catches the Slave as well. Cardinal mentions that there hasn't an Otome for 50 years. In Natsuki's car, she tells Akane that she saves the princess while Shizuru battles the Slave. Both Akane and Shizuru exits the car and fly towards the plane. Shizuru cuts the plane which causes the girls to fall towards the ground. Nina manages to grab both Mashiso and Arika which Arika's necklace activates for a few seconds before it gives out. They continued to fall until Akane saves all of them. Shizuru easily defeats the Slave in a very graceful fashion which in turn kills the summoner. Akane and the girls land in front of the Galdelupe School which Natsuki greets them. Natsuki and Sergey realized the necklace that Arika had.

After a mere six months of the end of the Mai-Hime series, the Mai series returns on TV in the form of a spinoff of Otome. There are new characters along with old ones with some personality changes (for one character, a species change) but some characters are still the same. The new characters shown so far are the main characters of Arika and Nina which are totally opposite from each other personality wise. Arika is a little bit happy for me while Nina is a too conceited for my tastes. So far, the true enemy hasn't been revealed yet but that might take some time to develop. I wonder if anyone noticed that the Hime Star in Otome is blue while the color of the previous star was red. Mai Otome will be an interesting ride throughout the series. The next episode will be dealing with Arika dealing with the Galdelupe School.


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