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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mai Otome 2

Sergey tells Arika to hide away her pendant which her grandmother told her to do so anyway. Arika asks Natsumi to admit her into the Otome Academy. She wants to be like Shizuru and find her mother as her reasons to join the academy. Sergey and Natsumi asks what was her mother's name but she doesn't know. Shizuru blows into Arika's ear which made her faint. Nina is locked up for yesterday's incident under the order of her teacher, Maria. Arika wakes up naked with Yohko greeting her while Aoi wakes up Mashiro who's in one of the guest rooms of the academy due to the plane crashing into the castle. Sergey is at the castle and remembers a time when he saw a girl singing to her baby. Mashiro talks to Natsuki about the punishment of Arika and Nina for wreaking his castle. Natsuki tells her that the castle wouldn't been wreaked if she had stayed in the castle. Mashiro dashes out while Natsuki mentions to Shizuru that Mashiro isn't the legal heir to the throne. Arika asks Yohko about if she can become an Otome which she tells her that it depends on the Council which representatives from the various countries talked about the Otome and management of the school. Suddenly, Mashiro appears in the room which she doesn't want Arika as an Otome since a midget can't be with the noblity. She tries to approach Mashiro but she tripped on the bedsheets. She asks Yohko if she could meet the council which she tells her that she can't.

Yohko leaves the room for a moment only to see that Arika left the room to find the Council room. Arika peeks into a classroom to see a teacher teaching the students how to reply to their masters. Meanwhile, Maria escorts Nina to the Council room. Shiho talks to a couple of students in a polite tone and once they leave, she reveals her nasty side as she pulls out a voodoo doll. A few seconds later, Arika shows up and asks her where the Council room is which Shiho decides to chase her for seeing her dark side. She gets the other students to chase after her with her fake nice side. Arika enters into the school which she enters the girls' locker room and then runs into a student named Chie who spur an advance on her. She enters into the classroom from earlier which Yukariko pinned her bedsheet to the wall with chalk but she fell through a window to escape. Sergey requested that all of the people of the incident to be in the room but Natsuki tells him that it involves them and tells them that she wishes to admit Arika into the school. Arika gets tripped by Nao and asks where the Council room is before Shiho shows up. Shiho asks Nao where Arika is but she tells her that she hasn't seen her. Then Nao misdirects Arika to the location of the Council room. Sergey refuses Natsuki's request for Arika to become an Otome but she says that Arika has great potential to become an Otome and not going to punish Nina since she was trying to protect Mashiro. Mashiro busts into the room and doesn't want Nina and Arika to become Otomes. Arika is still being chased by the students and continues to head for the Council room. She manages to get to the council room which the students fall on top of her. Maria tells the students to leave as Nagi, the Grand Duke of Artair shows up. He wants Arika to be an Otome as well but the Council members wasn't going to let him decide by himself. He came up with an idea that Nina and Arika will fight for the right to stay or enter the academy during Mashiro's coronation ceremony. Nina accepts the idea of fighting Arika without any doubt.

This episode had some more Hime characters showing up and which I will add to the character comparsion. This episode was enjoyable for the most part especially the part when Arika was pinned with the chalk. I want to see some more Otome action. I wonder if the academy has an Otome fighting arena. Well, the next episode will involve with Mashiro's coronation ceremony and the upcoming fight between Arika and Nina.


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