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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mai Otome 3

Mashiro hated Nagi's idea of having Nina and Arika fight at her coronation ceremony until he decided to drop his own idea since he could lose Nina as his own personal Otome which she accepted after all. Youko is helping Arika with injecting nano-machines so she can materialize the robe and elements but without a gem, it's only a one time thing. The students seem to think that Nina would win and would hated the idea that Arika would get in if she wins. Nina talks to Sergey as she tells him that she won't lose to her and remembers a time when she saw a photo album of Sergey's childhood along with the former Princess. Sergey was about to do something else when he hears Arika singing which attracted the animals to her. He steps on a branch which made Arika to notice him and talks about how she will probably to lose to Nina due to the experience factor and lectures how she will destroy Nina's dream if she wins but she doesn't care as she will continue to move forward her dream. Sergey begins to write something during the night as he remembers Arika's singing.

The coronation ceremony begins as the second year Otome students are escorting the various nobles and their Otomes. Nagi talks to Sergey how that Mashiro isn't the real princess while a couple of cloaked people take out some guards. Mashiro is finally crowned as the queen of Windbloom while Arika's robe is activated by Shizuru with Nina's robe being activated by Natsuki. The battle between Nina and Arika begins as Shizuru notices the cloaked people. Nina takes an upper hand in the battle as she uses Robe's power to its potential. Shizuru meets up with one of the cloaked people who is a messanger of the Black Valley and activates her Robe. Nina is still holds the advantage in the battle as Arika is unfamiliar with the Robe's abilities and thought she won the fight but Arika manages to absorb the attack pretty well. Shizuru's battle caused part of the castle to collaspe which dangers everyone in the arena.

This episode was pretty decent and seeing what the Robe can do was pretty interesting. There wasn't much story or character development in this episode at all but things may get interesting in the next episode. I did like the part in the preview when Shizuru mentions the time with Natsuki's underwear from episode 4 of Mai Hime. That was just great. The next episode will have the first appearance of the vice-president of the student council along with her assistant and Arika's first day as an Otome student.


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