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Monday, October 10, 2005

Mai Otome Character Comparsion

Since there are lots of character changes between Mai-Hime and Mai-Otome, I thought it would be a good idea to compare the two and update as the series goes on.

Hime name: Natsuki Kuga
Otome name: Natsuki Kruger
Bio: Their personality and appearance are similar in both series even though Otome Natsuki dresses more like a man compared with Hime Natsuki.

Hime name: Shizuru Fujino
Otome name: Shizuru Viola
Bio: Their personality and appearance are similar including her habit of drinking lots of tea. She's always in a position of power but was more powerful poltically in Hime. Even her style of clothes are the same as they are beautiful and elegant.

Hime name: Mashiro Kazahana
Otome name: Mashiro
Bio: The Hime Mashiro's personality was rather quiet and contain wisdom while the Otome personality is more of a tomboy. The tomboy personality is reflective by her clothes which suits a man more than a woman. Also, Otome Mashiro can walk while the Hime Mashiro couldn't even walk.

Hime name: Mikoto Minagi
Otome name: Mikoto
Bio: In terms of personality, they both love food and happy most of the time. Appearance wise, Hime Mikoto is actually a human while the Otome Mikoto is a cat who can talk.

Hime name: Akane Higurashi
Otome name: Akane Soir
Bio: Appearance wise are similiar except the color of the eyes. Personality wise, Hime Akane is rather reserved but this was due to her love of Kazuya while the Otome Akane has more determination and sure of herself.

Hime name: Yuuichi Tate
Otome name: Sergey Wong
Bio: Appearance wise, Sergey is older than his Hime counterpart which his hair is less messy than Tate's and their eyes are a different color from each other. Personality wise, Sergey is sure of himself and his abilities and refined while Tate was unsure of himself and tends to speak his mind randomly.

Hime name: Youko Sagisawa
Otome name: Yohko Helene
Bio: They both play an advisory role to Midori (correction provided by Cago, I had initially Natsuki in there) and same appearance wise.

Hime name: Aoi Senou
Otome name: Aoi Senoh
Bio: They are rather minor characters in both series. They both act as a support for one of the main characters; Senou for Mai in Hime and Senoh for Mashiro in Otome.

Hime name: Sakomizu Kaiji
Otome name: Sakomizu Cardinal
Bio: Same deal with the Youko/Yohko. He acts an advisor to Natsuki in both series.

Hime name: Nagi Homura
Otome name: Nagi Dai Artai
Bio: Still has the same appearance and attitude towards Mashiro. In Hime, his loyalities were rather confusing until the end of the series. In Otome, he appears to be good right now but he maybe a villian later on in the series.

Hime name: Yukariko Sanada
Otome name: Yukariko Steinberg
Bio: Still has the same hair style but the Otome version doesn't hide it compared with the Hime version. They still do the same thing which they guide students which is religion for Hime and the ways of the Otome for the Otome version. Currently, it's unknown if the Otome version will be active as an Otome compared with the Hime counterpart which she fought as a Hime.

Hime name: Nao Yuuki
Otome name: Juliet Nao Zhang
Bio: They still have the same appearance, the sadistic sense of humor, and including their hatred of Shiho. I'm not sure if the Otome version has the Hime's version hatred of men. The Otome version will probably not played a big role in the battles compared to the Hime version.

Hime name: Shiho Munakata
Otome name: Shiho Huit
Bio: Same appearance and personality but the Otome version doesn't have the brother-complex. Like the Otome Nao, she may not be a factor in the battles.

Hime name: Chie Harada
Otome name: Chie Hallard
Bio: Same appearance but Otome Chie doesn't have glasses. They both have an interest with the main character but Otome Chie takes it a step further. Hime Chie was powerless while the Otome version could fight but probably not.

Hime name: Yayoi Oota
Otome name: Yayoi Oltar
Bio: The hair style is rather similar except the Hime had straight banes while the Otome has more of a jagged look. They are both minor characters.

Hime name: Miya Suzuki
Otome name: Miya Clochette
Bio: The hair style is rather different as the Otome doesn't have her hair tied up compared with the Hime version. They are both rather minor characters.

Hime Name: Yukino Kikugawa
Otome Name: Yukino Chrisant
Bio: The appearance is the same but has a role reversal with Haruka. Instead of being an Otome, she's actually a leader in Otome compared with Hime version which she was a Hime and Haruka's right hand girl.

Hime Name: Haruka Suzushiro
Otome Name: Haruka Arimitage
Bio: Appearance is still the same but has a role reserval with Yukino which she becomes the right hand girl of Yukino and has the powers of an Otome while in Hime, she was the position in charge and had no power of a Hime. Otome Haruka seems to be more bashful even though the Hime version was like that as well. Also, both versions have a rivalry with Shizuru.

Hime Name: Kazuya Kurauchi
Otome Name: Kazuya Krause
Bio: Their appearance is the same as they still like Akane but the Otome version is just friends with her while the Hime one is actually in love with Akane which she love him too as well.


  • At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Zyl said…

    That's a very useful comparison, thanks! While I'm not adverse to katakana, too much of it at the same time somehow impairs my English. :P

  • At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Cago said…

    The Mai HiME Youko played more of a role as a friend and advisor to Midori, as opposed to Natsuki. However, their school "nurse" roles seem to be the same overall.

  • At 5:16 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Thank you Cago for the Youko comment. I fixed that and gave you credit for the correction. Episode three had some minor characters showing up which they were minor in Hime as well. They aren't worth mentioning at all. I'll update it again once I see episode four.

  • At 5:55 PM, Blogger Pim said…

    hmm...did u see ep 9?? i think Mikoto is the protecter that machine..may be?

  • At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    wow! we'll see more of mai and the real mikoto (not the cat) on episode 23. sorry mai hime fans but i think mai otome is better ;)

  • At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    the comparison of mikoto iz wrong. the cat isnt the only miikoto in mai otome. the original mikoto from mai hime iz in mai otome.


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