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Monday, October 24, 2005

Mushishi 1

There are creatures that are different from the normal ones called Mushi. A guy named Ginko who's a Mushishi (one who collects Mushi) walks in the mountain area finds a person named Ioroi Shinra who can create objects by drawing. Ginko wrote a letter to Ioroi requesting to investigate his power but Ioroi was going to write a refusal letter to him since his grandmother told him not to use his power. His grandmother forbid him to write with his left hand but his right hand can't create life at all and told him that he can't leave the house which he still doesn't even after her death four years ago. Ioroi had Ginko to look at show drawings of weird creatures which he would see but his grandmother couldn't. Ginko realizes that the creatures of Mushi and explains how Mushi are the closest to life and since humans are the farthest from life, most humans can't see them. During the night, Ginko notices a Mushi and prepares a Mushi pin on the Mushi. He blows smoke towards the girl Mushi which it was acutally a Mushi and brings her down from the ceiling. She drops half of a Sakazuki cup. He realizes that the girl was actually human at one point along with her identity as Ioroi's grandmother, Lenzu. Ginko tellls Ioroi about the Mushi Banquet which a human becomes a Mushi by drinking from the Sakazuki. Lenzu took part of the banquet it was stop midway by some unknown force which she split into two parts. He tells him that he can make Lenzu into a full Mushi which she agreed to his plan. Ioroi manages to draw the Sakazuki without knowing the details of it and becomes real. Then it splits into two with one part disappearing. Ginko merges the two parts together and a liquid suddenly appears in it. He gives it to Lenzu which she drinks it and becomes a full Mushi. Ioroi begins to drink it and relives Lenzu's memories. One day, she sees Mushi in the forest and follows them until they make a circle. She receives the Sakazuki which contains Kouki which acts a lifeforce for the land. The Mushi had the banquet for her because they know about Ioroi in the future and want her to watch over him. She couldn't complete the cermony because a crow made the Mushi disappeared. At that moment, she split into two. As Ioroi cried, the Kouki overflow the Sakazuki and made the land covered in moss. Ginko talks to Lenzu before leaving Ioroi and took the Sakazuki with him. Since Lenzu was watching over Ioroi now, there were no more rumors about his ability to create life from drawings.

I liked this series as it surprised me for not being a samurai anime from the title. It's a good light hearted supernatural series to watch. It seems that the main character will be Ginko who will journey the earth to encounter various Mushi of the world along with their mysteries surrounding them. It's sad that I won't be blogging this series but I will continue to watch it hoping that the rest of the episodes will be good as this one. The title of the next episode is The Light of the Eyelids.


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