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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Noein 1

The series begins with a a couple of guys attacking a ship like thing which one of them named Karas destroys the thing and gets caught up in the thing. The scene shifts to a church in the winter with a girl named Haruka seeing Karas. It shifts again to Karuka waking up and going to school. She talks to her friend, Ai who was watching and listening to a girl named Miho talking about a ghost that two girls named Mikumi and Kyouko saw at a church. After class started, Haruka looks at a kid named Yuu playing with a knife. Miho wants Ai and Haruka to go a ghost hunt with her tomorrow which Ai forces a boy named Isami to come since he doesn't believe that ghosts existed. He wanted Yuu to come but he has cram school to go to. Meanwhile, a guy named Koriyama and a woman named Uchida are looking for something and spying on Haruka and the others. Yuu's mother doesn't want him to do anything else besides studying. Haruka sees Karas and the gate again in her dreams. She meets up with Yuu at cram school and brings the conversation that they wanted to run away to Tokyo which he doesn't want to do now. He believes that he will never leave this town and wants to grow up quickly so he can leave. Haruka goes to touch him and suddenly her hand goes through his body and a golden necklace goes around her neck. The scenery changes around her and sees blue snow along with a partially there Karas.

Karas approaches her to get the necklace which he calls the Dragon Torque and disappears when got near Haruka. The next day, Ai talks Haruka about the ghost last night which she tells her that she saw it. Koriyama asks them about the area which suddenly Ai takes Haruka away from him because she thought he was a pervert. Isami manages to get Yuu to go with him to the ghost hunt and meets up with Ai, Miho, and Haruka. They go to a graveyard for their ghost hunt. Miho thinks she sees a fireball but it was actually Yuu's mother's car which she takes Yuu with her back home. Meanwhile, a mysterious force begins a countdown to launch more guys like Karas. They continued with their ghost hunt with Haruka worried about Yuu. Yuu's mother recieved a call from the cram school saying that he didn't show up, He feels that something is coming and tells his mother to stop the car. At the same time, Haruka sees the blue snow while Miho and Isami see a man who seem to be dying. He turned to blue vapor afterwards and another guy manages to land in the human world which detects a high density of Reizahan. Suddenly, Karas chases after Haruka in the air which she realizes that he's after her. She decides to seperate from the others in order to save them and throws her flashlight at him which goes through him. Yuu meets up with the others to see that Haruka isn't with them and catches up to her. He asks who Karas is which he responded that he is Yuu.

This series is quite weird to me. It seems that they are two worlds interacting with each other but there isn't much detail going into the storyline line. The most interesting character is Yuu since he has problems to begin with and now he's involved with this other world. There's a lot going on in Noein but will take some time to sort it all out. I swear what happened with narrator summaries at the beginning to setup the world or something. I don't really care about the mystery behind it all that much. I think this is the third such anime of the season to make the watchers confused about the world just to get more people to watch future episodes. Actually, I don't really get the hype behind some of this series. I heard how good it will be but nothing comes from it. I won't be blogging this series as well but there are other bloggers out there as well. The next episode seems to be tell more about the other world and the people from it compared this episode which the human world characters took the spotlight.


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