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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Paradise Kiss 1

A girl named Yukari is walking around the city and a punk-looking guy named Arashi goes up to her and tells her how pretty she is. She's freaked out by his appearance and runs away from him only to run into a girl with a flower tattoo on her left eye named Isabella. Arashi tells Isabella to catch her which she thinks that Isabella is an angel of death and faints. Yukari has been studying for her entire life and wanted to do more. She sees a girl with pink hair named Miwako over her along with Isabella and Arashi. They want her to be a model for the Yaza School of Art which they are third year students in the clothing and accessories class. They want her to model for their school festival but she refuses their request as she's studying for her entrance exams which they are studying for their exams as well. Arashi tells her that what they do isn't for fun and not stupid. Miwako asks Yukari for her name but she runs off and as she walks up the stairs, she trips up as Miwako calls her Caroline and leaves soon afterwards. Miwako sees Yukari's handbook on the stairs which a guy named George looks at it. He was looking for models as well with no success and suggested that they go to Nippori to find some. Miwako looks at the book to find an address and finds a picture of a guy.

The next day, Yukari realizes that she lost her handbook which the picture she took of Tokumori was during a school trip which she risked her life for. Tokumori talks to Yukari to tell her that the teacher wants to talk to her which they talked about her ambitions. She meets with George at the front gate of the school which he tells her that she needs to go with him to get it. They drive to the Yazu School which Miwako hugs Yukari. George asks Miwako if Seiji was still here which she said that he's with Hama. They meet with Seiji to talk about doing makeup on Yukari. They go back to alecher which they want Yukari to try on clothes which George had her student handbook after all. Miwako takes Yukari to the bathroom to change since everyone was a guy including Isabella. Yukari said that the dress doesn't look good on her but Miwako said she's perfect for the Parakiss line which is the clothing line she works for along with George, Isabella, and Arashi. At the Yazu School, everyone wears the clothes that they made but Miwako wears her sister's clothing line, Happy Berry. Miwako doesn't have the originality that her sister has but she's skilled in sewing so she supports George and his design. She apologizes to Arashi and everybody for what she said yesterday and Arashi apologizes as well. George gives back Yukari's handbook and asks her to be a model which she has three days to answer.

This anime is quite interesting and sort of reminds of Beck but deals with the fashion industry. The Paradise Kiss employees show a different light in the fashion industry and the main character is not your typical model. I like the style of this show along with the OP song. I'm quite interested in how this series will turned out and will continue to watch it but not blogging it at all.


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