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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Shakugan no Shana 1

The episode begins with a boy named Sakai Yuuji who just started high school but he's no ordinary boy as he sees a giant doll along with a ball of faces. The doll grabs him and tries to eat him when its arm was cut off by a girl with blazing red hair and eyes. A woman attacks him from behind and suck her arm into his back. The other girl cuts his left side but he doesn't gush out any blood. The show then shifts back a little bit on the morning of that day. Sakai meets with his old friend from middle school at his new high school. They see a couple of guys named Satou and Tanaka which Sakai's friend tells him to stay away from them. Sakai was enjoying the beginning of his high school and has even finds a girl named Hirai that he likes. She helps him to read the correct line during class while he was daydreaming. After school, Sakai's friend leaves him to go to cram school as he goes to the CD store. While at the CD store, he sees Hirai at the store which they do some small talk. After talking to each other, they went off their seperate ways. It only took one step from Sakai when his world was turned upside down as a blue circle suddenly appeared. Once the circle was complete, a red aura covered the area and the people were motionless except for Sakai. The doll and ball from earlier appeared and began to suck a blue flame out of the people. Some people began to disappear as the doll continues to suck the flames. Hirai was even one of the people being suck by the doll which Sakai calls out her name along with the attention of the doll and ball. The ball calls Sakai a mistess which is a torch that has a treasure inside it and extremely rare as a souvenir of happiness from long ago. The scene from earlier as the fiery girl saves Sakai from the doll and kicks the ball down. Meanwhile, a guy is looking at a model of the city with a blue glow from it.

The fiery girl talks to her necklace named Alastor which tells her that Sakai is just a doll. The giant doll attacks the fiery girl but fails. The ball tries to attack her only send flying into a building. The giant doll was destroyed by the girl but only destroyed its shell. Both the girl and Alastor are confused by Sakai's actions. She swings her sword towards Sakai to attack a woman who's an enemy. The woman realizes that the girl is Alastor's flame haze which she tries to kill her but Sakai stands in between her. The woman sucks her remaining arm into Sakai's back which appears he has nothing inside. The Flame Haze slices through Sakai to get to the woman which a smaller doll was inside it. Haze tries to go after the doll but she had to get rid of the ball which gives the doll enough time to run away. She shealthes her sword into herself which disappears into the air. Haze and Alastor thinks that the doll was after the treasure in order to kill the king of the Crimson world. Sakai asks her for some help which Alastor remembers a piece of heaven's knowledge and made Sakai realized that he's a container. Haze heals Sakai's cut while making it appeared that he was on fire. She restored the people to the original form even though there are some parts are missing due to the doll and ball sucking the flames from earlier. Then she restores the surrounding physical area to their original condition which time resumes normally. Sakai tries to get Hirai's attention which he sees a blue flame inside of her along with some other people as well. Then he sees a kid completely disappeared which he asks Haze who's hair and eyes are black and brown now about what happened just now. She wanted to kill him but Alastor tells her that she can't kill him because he's a mistess and the first heaven's rule about the rebellion. Under Alastor's suggestion, Haze tells Sakai that the blue flame is people's true form which replaces their soul if eaten by a being of the crimson world. This flame acts a balance for the world because you can't have souls suddenly disappearing. The doll from earlier named Marianne returns to her master which he tells her that he expected her to be attacked by the Flame Haze. Her master was revealed to be Satou. Haze tells Sakai that he died long ago from a crimson being and confirms this by looking at his chest to see a flame inside as well.

I can see why Geneon pre-licensed this series. I very much like this concept of the flame to replace eaten souls and dead people actually walked along us without knowing that they actually died in the first place. I think this series will be very interesting as the main character has to deal with his knowledge of a zombie existance along with the knowledge that the girl he likes will slowly die and doesn't even know it. There will be some interesting concepts of life and death throughout the series which might be good. Sadly, I will not being blogging this series but a few other bloggers have taken up the cause. Look at my category afterwards for the said blogs. The next episode will Sakai dealing with his new knowledge and how he can try to save Hirai from a slow death.


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