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Monday, October 17, 2005

Shuffle 11

Mayumi is finished with summer school and runs into Rin while running in the hallway. He sees her panties which she was insulted by as he didn't give a normal reaction when a guy sees a woman's panties. So she decides to unzip Rin's pants to see his underwear and stops as the other girls were with Rin at the time. Sia asks if Mayumi wanted to join them in the pool but she doesn't want to be in the school even though Nerine had a spare swimsuit. Then they realized that Mayumi didn't have the necessary bust size for the suit and she attacks Rin for her small breasts. The kid from episode 8 takes a peek at Mayumi while walking towards the cafe where Kahera works at. She talks to herself while Kahera gives her drink. Mayumi can't pay for her drink because she lost her wallet which Kahera decides that she would work as a waitress to pay off the bill. Kahera makes Mayumi go out before she find her panties. She's worry that someone would see her without any panties on. She decides to go the upper class lady route in greeting customers. Suddenly, customers began to drop glasses and plates left and right which freaks Mayumi out. Then, Kahera tells her to fix a light bulb which requires her to climb a ladder and later on, she has to give the kid from earlier a drink and dessert. After fearing the kid, she gives him the order which he sits and doesn't flipped her skirt since he wants to eat his dessert. Her luck ends when a gale of wind flips her skirt to everyone. After working, Mayumi meets up with Rin which he gives her wallet and panties in a bag.

The day starts over again but this time, it's in Benibara's point of view. After talking to Mayumi, she talks to a student who wants to be just like her. She tells her that outer beauty doesn't matter as much than inner beauty and to focus on getting someone to like you. Benibara looks at Rin and the others in the pool wondering about youth. She finds Mayumi's wallet and encounters Rin after their time in the pool. She gets mad at Rin for supposely playing doctor with Mayumi. While walking away from her car, she encounters a guy who was trying to flirt on her and makes him run away by slicing his bottle. Then Midoriba and Nerine's father tries to pick up her which she makes Midoriba do 50 laps on the track or 30 times on the stairs bunny hops. Benibara talks to Asa in Kahera's workplace which they talked about her standards of guys which are too high. They meet with Rin at the shop which he haven't found Mayumi yet. Kahera asks Rin to take her panties as well. He and Benibara talked in the car while heading towards Mayumi's home. They arrived Mayumi's home which she wasn't home and afterwards left their seperate ways. Benibara goes back to home and gets the mail. She hears a phone message from her mother which she sent a picture of a potential boyfriend. Mayumi is at home working at her family's bathhouse when Benibara wanted to take a bath but they were closed. Mayumi decided that Benibara can take a bath with her and talked about guys.

It was a nice episode that focus on Mayumi and Benibara which they have their own relationship problems. They are actually a good contrast to each other as Mayumi has the small bust and wants to get all the guys' attention while Benibara has the large bust and wants a good decent relationship. I love the comedy for this episode especially with Rin and Mayumi. That just made me laugh at loud. The next episode seems to be a Primula as she collaspes as she turns water into ice while watering some plant.


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