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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shuffle 12

Rin and Sia are talking to each other about making summer memories but Nerine tells them that they need to finish their summer homework assignments. Rin was getting help on his math homework from Nerine which he was getting excited from her bust and eventually Sia joined in the action. Nerine and Sia's fathers were talking about how their daughters are doing in trying to get Rin. Rin calls Mayumi who's trying to finish her homework as well which he and Sia feels relieved that there are people who still have homework to do. Rin manages to finish his homework except for his art class which he has to draw a sketch of summer vacation. Sia still has to finish her homework assignments while Kaede was making sandwiches for Rin for his art assignment. She asks Primula to pour some tea for Rin and thought she froze the tea for a second. Rin sits near the river bank while drawing when Asa stops by and talks to Rin for a little bit. She tries to figure out which girl Rin has chosen. He says that it better to have fun now which she has the same approach to relationships as well. Kaede was watering the plants when Primula tells her that the pot was boiling which she goes to the kitchen and Primula takes over. Rin and Asa meet up with Kahera which she gets some thoughts into her and Midoriba appears as well. Primula waters the flowers and gets impressed by the rainbow that the water created. Suddenly, she starts turning the landscape into ice and collaspes.

Primula is in bed with a fever of 122 degrees. Rin asks for Nerine and Sia's help to treat her sickness which they don't say anything at all. He puts her two cats next to her and leaves the room. He looks at the frozen landscape as the two kings talked to him. They tell him that Primula is an artifical life-form created from the Yggdrasil Project. The project is about resurrecting a person who has died which Primula contains huge amounts of power. They continued to tell him that her magical power is for creating miracles and even they couldn't control her power if they had it. Rin goes back home and tells Sia and Nerine to leave. Primula has awaken which Rin tells her to go back to the demon world since she can't be cured in the human world. She refuses to go back to the demon world. Rin works on his model ship as he remembers of the conversation with the kings. They tell him that Primula could control her power with her emotions which in the beginning that she didn't have any emotions at all. The researchers' theory about her power could be controlled by regaining her emotions seem to be incorrect. He meets Nerine outside which she knew about her artifical background. She tries to convince him to take Primula back to the demon world. Primula remembers a dream where she loses a friend. She wakes up to see Rin enters her room with the kings and asks her to go back to the demon world. She refuses again which forces Rin to beg for her to go which she acceps the request. Kaede and Rin see Primula off with the kings as Rin doubts if he did the right thing. The researchers in the demon world said that they can't allow Primula to return to the human world.

This episode has shifted Shuffle from being happy happy and into the darkness as Primula's true origins has been revealed. This dark tone is shown with the episode title screen, interlude screen, and the music for the next episode. I'm happy with the change of direction of show as it begins to move forward the plot and storyline as well. I was getting bored at with the happy go lucky stuff without anything major happening. At some point, Rin and the others may tried to find Primula and rescue her or Primula will escape her imprisonment and go back to the human world. The next episode will have Rin and Kaede trying to deal with the loss of Primula.


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