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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shuffle 13

Rin and Kaede was about to leave to go to school for their new term while Kaede said "We'll be going now" to a non-existant Primula. Primula was having a dream where she sees Rin and Kaede together in a windy, grassy field and as she tries to go them that they turned her back on her. Then she sees Nerine from behind her and disappears as well. Meanwhile, Rin and Kaede are depressed about Primula not being here. While Kaede was taking a bath, Rin decides to speak to Nerine's father about when Primula is coming back which he said that she will back soon. Nerine knows that Primula's condition is actually serious which she confronts her father about it. Sia's father talks to one of the researchers which Primula has greater magical power than predicted. The researcher thought the theory would work but this is the third one experiencing the same effects. Nerine's father tells Nerine the truth about Primula and mentioned someone named Licorice who died. He tells her to keep it a secret to Rin. The next day, Rin is sitting on a bench on the roof which Nerine watches him. Sia talks to Nerine which she decides to tell her the truth. Sia comes up with a plan to get their fathers to tell the truth to Rin and Kaede by inviting them to dinner. Kaede wanted to make something to bring for dinner which Rin decides to go over there to ask them what's for dinner. The two kings were talking to each other as they realized that they have to tell the truth when Rin hears their conversation. They tell Rin the truth as Primula's condition is much worse than predicted and the only way to save her is by erasing her emotions as releasing her emotions is having the opposite effect on her control of the power.

Sia and Nerine meets with Rin as he was leaving the house which he was angry at them for knowing her condition without telling him right away. He goes into Primula's room which Kaede soon enters the room as well and tells her that the dinner has been canceled. She realizes that Primula isn't coming back through Rin's inability to lie to her. The girls were all depressed sitting alone while Rin was battling his grief through his ship. The next day, Asa sees Sia and Nerine eating in the cafeteria which was weird to her as they sit with Rin and Kaede. She visits Rin and Kaede who weren't sitting together for lunch and tries to cheer them up but Rin didn't want to hear it from Asa. After class, Rin decides to go home alone and goes to the arcade which he remembers Primula. He tries to get a stuffed animal and failing badly at it before Asa shows up. He tells Asa that he couldn't face Kaede without her blaming him for making Primula go to the demon world. Asa tells Rin to stop hesitating and go get Primula back. He along Asa tells Sia, Nerine, and Kaede about his plan going to see Primula which Sia and Nerine refused as she might get better. Asa tells them that they aren't acting as Rin's lovers which manages to convince Sia and Kaede but Nerine runs off saying that she doesn't want to see someone to die again. Rin talks to Nerine on the swingset which the song she sang wasn't hers to begin with.

It seems that Primula's condition is getting worse as her emotions is having the opposite effect than they were supposed to. Sia and Nerine lost some points to Rin as he didn't tell him about the seriousness of her condition. Nerine has a more personal stake not to tell Rin what's going on as she someone like Primula died in front of her. It takes the wisdom of Asa for Rin to be able make his next plan of action. This new direction is so great and loving every bit of it. The next episode has Nerine tells Rin the story of the other girl named Licorice.


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