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Monday, October 24, 2005

Shuffle 14

Nerine tells Rin that she's incapable of singing songs that can touch deeply into people's hearts. The song and voice was passed down to her by Licorice who was Nerine's other self which she took everything away from her. Nerine explains to Rin that Primula was the third artifical lifeform created. The first one was modified to contain the huge amount of magicial power but she couldn't contain it which resulted in the explosion of the research center. The second one was Licorice who was created from Nerine's cells since she could contain high amounts of magical power. Licorice wasn't afraid of being a subject for experiments and always smiles. At the time, Nerine was very sick from her magical power. As the experiments continued on, she had to stay inside of the research center which she met Primula who she consider to be a sister to her. Sia's father and a fellow researcher realizes that they must erase her emotions since everything else has failed. Nerine tells Rin that Licorice has given her life to her. Kaede, Sia, and Asa talks about what they should have done. Asa decides to get some tea but collaspes suddenly. Nerine continues to tell the story how Licorice was an incomplete clone which her lifespan was very short to begin with. Nerine was very sick and was close to dying when Licorice came up with the idea that she would give her life to save Nerine's. There was an interesting side effect with the life transfer as Nerine received Licorice's talents and memories. After telling the story, Nerine runs off since she can't allow to lose someone important to her again.

Rin calls Asa's house which Ama talks to him and tells him that Asa is alright and her body was weak ever since she was young. Kaede asks Rin what's wrong which he doesn't answer her. While working on his ship, he thinks about if going to see Primula is the right thing to do when Kaede gave him some coffee and left without asking him what's wrong. Rin wonders what would Asa do in this situation. The next day, Kahera tells Rin that Asa isn't in class today and to visit her after school. Rin visits Asa after school and after some small talk, Asa asks Rin what's his problem. Nerine's father tells Nerine that he's going to the demon world to talk to Sia's father. Rin tells Asa that seeing Primula maybe isn't the best thing to do which Asa tells him that Primula reminds her of herself when she was younger as she was always sick and hated her mother. When she was a child, she hated the laughter of children playing and hid herself in her bed covers. Ama came into the room with some soup and wanted to open the curtains but Asa didn't want them opened and called her a fool. Ama tried to give Asa some soup but she knocks the bowl out of her hand. Asa begins to yell at her for why she was so sick and that she's going to die because of her. Ama apologized to Asa and tended to her when she was coughing. Back to the present, Asa realized back then she wanted to become strong as Ama and that made her better instead of the medicine or the doctors. Rin realizes that he was still hestiating and thanks Asa for making him realize that. Asa gives him her headband since she can't join with them to meet Primula and wraps it around Rin's left arm. He asks Nerine again to join with them to see Primula which she agrees to join with them and begin their journey into the demon world.

This episode of Shuffle was great as Asa's flashback was very well done. The change of tone was a great move to do as it continues to deliver the emotional impact and makes the characters feel real. There will some more darkness before the light could shine once again as they go into the demon world. The next episode will cover their journey into the demon world.


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