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Monday, October 24, 2005

Solty Rei 1

A guy with a metal left arm is being chased by another guy with a gun while a girl in a clock stands on a pole. The metal arm guy's name is Dale Boyd who's wanted for lacreny, assult, and rape which the other guy is a bounty hunter. The girl is being chased by two girls in suits who are being supported by a couple more girls. The blond girl named Syliva attacks the cloaked girl with a punch to her head but it doesn't affect her. She slams Syliva hard to the ground while the other girl shoots at her and throws Syliva at her. They fell from the roof and barely managed to survive. Dale shoots at the bounty hunter with his Resemble arm but ends up getting beat up by him for surviving the Blast Fall. The scene shifts to the Maverick Hunter's office where it's run by Miranda Maverick which she offers her services to finding cats to criminals. She has a daughter named Kasha which she acts a public relations person. The guy from earlier who's named is Roy comes into the office to get his bounty and bullets for Dale last night. Kasha tells Roy to stop beating up the criminals. Random people mentioned that he's been looking for his daughter, Rita for ten years now. Miranda's husband was best friends with Roy which she allows him to rent a room in the building. Roy has a dream about his daughter which she disappeared due to a very high Aurora Wave magnetic field voltage and only leaving one of her shoes. While walking on the street, Roy is attacked by Dale's partner, Grey Walker who chases him for a while. The girl from earlier falls on the Grey's arm and saves Roy. The girl wakes up in Roy's place and suddenly begins crying in the sight of Roy.

Roy questions the girl but doesn't get far as he goes to work. He talks to an informant about Grey who has no clue where's his hideout is and the girl appears next to him and follows him. They walked by a memorial of the Blast Fall which occurred 12 years ago and resulted in 10,000 deaths and a huge number of missing people. Roy tells the girl to stop following him and leaves her. Later in the day, the girl is still following Roy and tells him that she doesn't know anything at all. Suddenly, Grey appears with a mecha that they stole from RIC security forces. Roy tries to run away from it but he has a leg injury. The girl defends Roy which she has great strength and endurance. She manages to defeat the robot by sending it upwards to the Aurora which the shell lightning hits them since they reached the altitude limit. He answers the girl's question about his family which his wife died of illness and her daughter disappeared. He walks away from the girl afterwards.

This series kind of reminds of Bubblegum Crisis which falls into the realm of cyber punk. It's another series with a character that has no memory of their past along with a character that looking for someone/thing including an event that changed the world forever. Let's see how this series heads out to. I would provide a preview of the next episode but there's really no preview but a few lines and an episode title called A New Morning.


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