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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 16

Some of the Elements were watching a vampire movie which the vampire looks like Rena. They noticed that Jun and Tsugumi have bite marks on their necks which she blows up the room with power. Apollo tells them that they just have tick bites not vampire but they see Rena in the window floating. Sophia explains in class that the magnetic shift during the Great Catastrophe stimulated the dormant human potential in their DNA which is the basis of their Element powers. They noticed that Tsugumi and Jun are very weak and suffer from anemia. Jun found out information of vampires which Apollo suggests that Rena could be a vampire when she suck his blood before. Tsugumi remembers when Rena sucked her blood after pricking her finger on a rose while Jun was suck in the same way after a leg injury. The Elements noticed Rena was watching them and act out in fear. After she left, Silivia told them to stop being idiots and runs off to find Rena. She encounters Apollo which he joins her after hearing her singing outside. Siliva congradulates Rena for her singing which she mentions that the parasol is her protection from sunlight. Later in the night, she sneaks into Rena's room and finds an old picture of her. Rena catches her in the act and leaves after she believes that Siliva thinks she's a vampire. While sitting a tree, Apollo sees a person flying in the sky. A Kelbim attacks which Apollo, Jun, and Siliva are sent out in Luna Aquarion. They see the enemy as a huge vampiric Rena.

The command center tries to contact Rena which she has turned off her commuication device. Siliva is afraid to fight against Rena as it almost bites Luna until Apollo pull it off. The commander asks what you would do when a friend becomes an enemy which Sirius says that he would cut down the person. The giant Rena bits into Aquarion which cause it to seperate and begins to attack all three parts. Apollo realizes it the giant Rena isn't the real one and asks for the real Rena to show herself. She was sitting on a tree and teleports to Apollo which he confirm that she's the real Rena. They formed into Solar Aquarion and immediately get their life force sucked by the Giant Rena. Apollo suggests that Rena would suck his blood and Siliva gets jealous that she's sucking Apollo's blood. Rena's strength allows them to free themselves from the Giant Rena and casts off the darkness as they used the Vampire's Silver Cross attack to kill it. The monster was actually formed by their fear of Rena. It seems that Rena is affected by the full moon which she was in a trance as she suck Jun and Tsugumi's blood. The rest of the elements apologizes to Rena for their fear of her.

We finally get to know a little bit more about Rena as she's an Element that can teleport along with her blood-sucking habits. It also shows that Siliva cares about Apollo a lot more now and got jealous when Rena sucks his blood. Another nice stand alone episode but I want more story moving episodes. The series should have been pasted this point but it stills goes on with the stand alone stories. It looks like the next episode is a Tsugumi episode which will probably no story. I'm ok with character based episodes but the series is past the halfway point and the story needs to be moved on.


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