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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 17

Tsugumi looks at Lina's waist which she's impressed by but she isn't ok with as she gained weight. Tsugumi walks backwards and steps on the scales only to blow it up as she saw her weight. They decided to eat some salads while Siliva has all this junk food. She begins to tempt them with the food that she has and suddenly, Rena grabs Siliva which she says that eating too much food would make Sirius hate her. They make a pact to lose weight and do things like running around the track in full-bodied suits. Jun says that their ultimate challenge is to fight the stress caused by hunger which they want to eat but forced themselves to not to eat. They can't give into the food which Lina stops Siliva and Tsugumi from eating junk food. During the night, Tsugumi tied herself up and her mouth, Lina with seals, and Siliva biting into dolls. Siliva dreams that she's a princess in dessert land while Tsugumi dreams of being a waitress of a cake shop and Lina as a Chinese princess at an exotic food banquet. One of the Shadow angels named Futaba talks a Sphnix like creature about human's desire to eat. Back to dreamland, Lina's Chinese dress gets ripped, Siliva gets fat and Sirius runs away from her, and Tsugumi gets expands like a balloon and pops. In all three dreams, food keeps appearing which they said make the food disappear. Futaba gives them their wish as she sends bacteria to eat away all the food from the base and surrounding land. Apollo notices that the rats and snakes ran away and the editble plants were eaten as well. To make matters worse, the Shadow Angels attack the food supply convoys and destroy them.

A week later, the base and the surrounding land is suffering from lack of food especially the girls. The Commander decides to sortie even though they can't find the bacteria which the girls decide to head out. After a while of finding nothing, they decide to unite into Luna Aquarion. After trying to take one step, they fell down as Siliva was suffering from the effects of hunger which most of the staff is feeling the effects as well. The commander tells them that true strength will come out once you know true emptiness. Sirius tells them to find their smell from their extake which Apollo decides to join them in helping to search for them. They find the bacteria and use the new attack called Explosive Hungry Arrow to destroy them but it doesn't work and begins to eat Aquarion. Rena hears the melody of everyone is eating and gets eaten and teleports out. Apollo and the girls are being eaten alive by the bacteria as they heard Rena's song. Her song is making the plants grow and eating the bacteria as they restore Apollo, the girls, and Aquarion. The Sphnix like Angel realizes the reasoning behind Toma's desire to use the Wings of the Sun for the Tree of Life. The tree grown from the Aquarion bears some nice fruit which Apollo and the girls enjoy.

This episode was rather stupid to me as any plot revolving food is stupid to begin with. There's nothing new added to the story or to any of the characters. It was just plain filler. I want my story or something interesting please. The next episode seems to cover Sirius and Siliva's past. Maybe I get something good out of it.


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