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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 18

The Aquarion team failed to stop the Shadow Angels from taking more human souls which the Commander decides that they need to become their partner. Jun acts like Tsugumi to become like her and uses melon bread as her breasts. Apollo tries to eats them but she blows them up. Jun had his cosplay friends to design cosplay costumes for everyone else. Sophia appears on the scene with the Commander's coat and has the following people paired up: Silvia and Reika; Pierre and Chloe; and Apollo and Sirius to imitate each other. The idea of cosplay was hated by everyone which Sophia brings up the point that they have something in common. She continues to say when someone feels their opposed emotion in another person, they will go against them strongly. Pierre dresses up as Chloe and begins to act like her which he manages to get her right. Then he dresses up as Silvia which gets right and dresses up as Apollo and Lihua before everyone else decides to do it. Lihua dresses up as Silvia which she looks for Sirius which Apollo is dress up as. Lihua ignores Apollo and goes to the real Sirius who didn't dress up. After Lihua embraces Sirius, the real Silvia who is dressed up as Lihua starts yelling out her which is out of character for Lihua. They continued to act as each other as Apollo continues to mess up Sirius's role. After Apollo eats the rose, Sirius decides to act as Apollo which Apollo counters Sirius's acting. Rena walks over to them which she can't walk and reveals herself as the Commander. He shows them a frog and says that no frog tries to be a frog.

During the night, Sirius ponders over the Commander's words as Lihua tells him that Apollo would catched the frog and eat it. She continues to tell him that he hunts in the forest and tracks them by their smell. Sirius decides to go hunting into the forest to become Apollo. The Commander tells Sophia about the secret of the three arrows when once solved, it will form the Great Shape. Apollo goes into Sirius's room as Lihua experiences a memory of Silvia and Sirius as they were watching something burning which Sirius goes into the fire. Silvia goes after Sirius in the forest. Apollo decides to smell out the room and notices a picture while Silvia experiences Lihua's bad luck and finds Sirius's shoes. She watches Sirius hunting in the forest as he encounters the dangers of hunting in the forest and goes to some flowers. Apollo smells the pictures and knows they were burnt. Suddenly, they heard the alarm and Sirius, Silvia, and Apollo head out. Their enemy is copies of the Vector Machines. The three of them are acting as different people and couldn't unite into Aquarion. The clone Vector Machines managed to unite into Luna Aquarion and shoots at them. Then the clones formed into Solar Aquarion which the three of them realize even though they are mimicking each other that they are still them on the inside. They formed into Solar Aquarion and become even bigger by the passing moment which it absorbing material from other dimensions and became the Great Shape. The Commander shows the secret of the three arrows as if they go in different directions, they could become stronger than anything if something binds them together. Aquarion manages to get the clones to seperate and use the Koujigen Mugen Attack to get all three of them at once. The attacks are formed in a such way that they represent the 3-D coordinate system.

This episode of Aquarion was quite with the cosplay and wasn't really stupid compared to the previous episode. The Great Shape formation will probably show up a few more times before the series is over. It was a good episode overall but I still want my story. The next episode will be just weird or plain stupid and even they had the Konami Code in the preview.


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