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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Speed Grapher 20

Seiji tells Saiga that he's not Suitengu's dog and won't see Kagura ever again before using his power to throw Saiga back. Saiga tries to counterattack with his camera but the sound waves block the power. Seiji uses his power even more on Saiga which he figures out that there's a resonance to the waves. Saiga blows a hole in the hall and runs away from Seiji but he's not too far behind. Saiga tries to counterattack but fails as Seiji's power causes him to be pushed back. Ginza and Saiga's editor entered the meeting hall to see everyone dead. Ginza asks him what happened which he tells her about the purpose of the White Eagles. She notices the list of club members and sees that most of the Diet along with the prime minister is on it. Saiga continues to run away from Seiji which he begins to announce his plans that he will get rid of the journalists, novelists, and feminists in order to create a Japan where true art is appraicated. Seiji uses his power that it causes the pipes and the floor to turn into ash which Saiga fell down a collasping floor. Nishiya was confused on his capture as he was promised that he would have Kagura by Seiji. He decided to hold Kagura hostage with sulfuric acid in order to advance his research and runs away with her.

Nishiya takes Kagura to an empty room and locks it. Then he drinks the sulfuric acid and tells her that it wasn't acid but a sample of Saiga's blood that contain the virus. He proceeds to take his pants off as he tries to get a sample of Kagura's bodily fluids so he can become an Euphoria. Before he could get anything from Kagura, the goons came in and stop him while getting Kagura and Ryougoku back in custody. Ryougoku took Nishiya's notes before going back into custody. Saiga is now on a train track with Seiji still chasing him. They begin to debate about the power of journalism and how it could or couldn't save anyone. Saiga attacks Seiji again which this time it spills out to the surface. Seiji mentions that Kamiya has Kagura in his custody while Saiga lands on a track that has a train incoming. Seiji decides to use his full power on Saiga which he walks towards him. He pins Seiji to the wall and kills him with the mini camera. Suitengu asks about the whereabouts of Rikadonia and Seiji which the goons didn't know. He realizes that Kamiya has made his move and that the Tennouzu Group's assets have been converted into cash which Suitengu is going to use to reopen the club. Ryougoku reads Nishiya's notes and realizes something from it. Ginza sneaks into a house which she finds many pairs of legs and gets ambushed by her own partner as he was a member of the club. While walking in the ruin subway tunnel, Saiga begins to lose his eyesight as he calls out a crying Kagura.

The Euphoria battle wasn't as good compared to some of the others. There was no real strategy involved. They could have easily made the battle more interesting as it was sound vs. visual. Well, the plot is moving into the final movement as there are four more episodes left. Now you have Saiga who is beginning to lose his eyesight with the other good main characters are in a bind. Also, he's the only one who has his freedom to fight against Suitengu and the others. The next episode should bring add more to the plot and increase the pacing of the action as we may see Kamiya's Euphoria appearance.


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