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Monday, October 03, 2005

Speed Grapher 21

Saiga wonders if he had become blind and suddenly sees the Goddess Kagura in his viewfinder. He takes a picture of her and blows her up. He wakes up from his nightmare only that his eyesight is becoming worse. Kagura continues to ask for help in escaping but gets no answer. She tries to break the window with a chair but had no success. She heards Ryougoku's voice coming from the vent. He tells her that Nishiya's notes contains detailed research on her body and at least calms her down. She knows that she's going to die but wants to live now so she can see Saiga. Meanwhile, Ginza sees her boss (which I thought he was her partner in my previous entry but I was wrong) with a chainsaw about to cut off her legs. He even cut his wife and daughter's legs as well. She tries to convince him not to kill her since she has the list but he tells her that the chief of police, the commissioners, some of the media, and the Prime Minsiter are part of the club. He tells her that the club is reopening and then begins to apply a love lotion on Ginza's legs. She kills her boss by putting her legs in between his head and chokes him out. Ginza manages to get free and begins to wipe away the lotion from her body in the shower. She turns on the gas and fires a shot at the house once outside which causes a fire in the house. Bob sees Saiga outside of his door unconscious.

Ginza sneaks into the club as a member and sees the various public servants all enjoying themselves. Ryougoku manages to find a way to save Kagura but couldn't tell since she was escorted to Kayima's dining room. He wants her to enjoy the exotic food but she refuses at first. She decides to have the soup unti she sees an eyeball in it. Kamiya tells her that he taking her to the club and that she will work for the nation of Japan. Meanwhile, a group of soldiers entered the Tennouzu group and sees the huge piles of money. Kamiya becomes more of a slug as he eats the food on the table and goes after Kagura. The soliders encountered Suitengu and think that they going to kill him. Saiga wakes up to see Bob next to him which was good news for his eyesight. Bob is worried about Saiga and Kagura's happiness but Saiga convinces him not to worry. A goon tells Kamiya that they lost contact with the attack force. Saiga was stuck in traffic when he saw a chopper heading towards Kamiya's place and piloted by Suitengu. He begins to attack the place which is broadcasted at the club.

This episode was decent as there wasn't too much action but the motativations of the characters are firmly established for the last part of the series. Saiga wants to save Kagura. Kagura wants to live so she can see Saiga while Ginza wants to take down the club after the incidient with her boss. I'm quite interested how the final battle between the weakened Saiga and Suitengu will turned out as their powers are causing permenant damage to their bodies. The next episode will continue with Suitengu's attack on Kamiya's place along with Kagura's current plight.


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