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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Speed Grapher 22

Suitengu approaches the window where he sees Kagura and the slug Kamiya with the chopper and shoots at it. The windows were bulletproof but shoot at them enough with a high power chain gun will cause them to shatter. Once the bullets ran out, he flew to the roof and was shot down by Kamiya's goons but the bad news for them was that he survived. Suitengu kills all the goons in one try as his secretary films the action from above and broadcasts it to the club. He calls the Vice Prime Minister who's in the clubroom at the moment and tells that he and the others should enjoy their last moments in the club. More of Kamiya's goons try to kill Suitengu as the Vice Prime Minister and the others suffocated to death as Tsujidou seals the exits and draining the air. Ginza manages to escape from the club before the exits were sealed. Tsujidou and the others remember their last encounter with Suitengu. They along with the secretary received a briefcase that contain gold inside. It was their "pension" for their hard work with Suitengu. He doesn't want them to get involved with his battle against the country now. Back to the present day, the secretary takes her briefcase and leaves. Niihari was about to pick up his briefcase but Tsujidou said that he could have his share. Wabake tells Niihari to take his share as well. They both feel that they can't leave Suitengu now since their lives mean nothing without him. Niihari tries to take all three briefcases but only could carry two and hopes that they come back alive. Saiga enters Kamiya's mansion and sees a pile of dead bodies left by Suitengu's wake. He hears someone pounding on the door and blows up the door which contain Ryougoku. In another room, Kamiya tries to have his way with Kagura until Saiga and Ryougoku show up. Saiga tries to blow up Kamiya but his spit blocks his attack which is acidic. Kamiya then destroys Saiga's camera with his tongue which at that point, Suitengu shows up.

Saiga asks how many people has Suitengu killed which he said that he only kills people who became corrupted by greed and money but he has killed innocent people during his soldier days. Suitengu's desire for revenge made him wanted to survive in order to achieve it. He wanted to kill Kamiya for sending him overseas 15 years ago when he was Minister of Finance. He would have died on the battlefield if it wasn't for the research of Kagura's father, Odawara Kazuki. Kazuki was part of a team which they were developing a bioweapon but the project was abandoned when bioweapons were outlawed. He secretly left behind the results in two things: Suitengu's left arm and Kagura. Kamiya tries to kill Suitengu but his blood puppet managed to stop him. Kamiya tries to bargian for his life with Suitengu by offering Yui's location but he already knew about Yui. Years ago, Suitengu found her in a run-down building but her will was shattered as she was a hooker. He tries to make her remember him with the music box but couldn't. He cried for her as his tears were blood which she drank one of them which killed her. He had her body turned into ashes afterwards. He had a piece of Yui's remains which Kamiya wanted to eat but Suitengu eats it. Suitengu's blood covers most of the room which slowly converges Kamiya and kills him. Suitengu asks Kagura and Saiga tries to stop him but he manages to take out Saiga easily. She decides to go with Suitengu in order to save Saiga's life. Wabake and Tsujidou takes Suitengu and Kagura away by chopper.

This episode was really good as it shows Suitengu's kindness to his men along with his sadness for Yui. I think that Suitengu is more human compared to what he was portrayed in the previous episodes. It seems that Saiga is extremely outclassed compared to Suitengu's power. Saiga either needs a miracle to beat Suitengu or beat him with words because his power alone isn't just enough. The next episode will probably setup Saiga's final battle with Suitengu at the club along with Ginza joining his battle to rescue Kagura.


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