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Monday, October 10, 2005

Speed Grapher 23

Saiga's editor along with Ginza's partner arrive at Kamiya's mansion to see the police unable to do anything since they need orders from the government or their superiors. Ginza soon arrives at the scene to see Saiga and Ryougoku just emerging from the burning mansion. Meanwhile, the American ambassor to Japan talks to the President of the United States along with the Secretary of Defense and a presidential aide about Suitengu. It was revealed that it was the Americans who attacked the bio-weapons lab eight years ago. They will attack the club to kill Suitengu. Saiga manages to recover from his wounds while Ginza tells her partner that she killed their boss along with his crimes. She tells them that the government is trapped in the club building when Saiga's editor called to tell them to turn the TV. The news reports that the Emergency Disaster Management Council has issued an evacuation order for Tokyo and Minato wards. Saiga and the others realized that the Americans issued the order so they can attack Suitengu without worrying about the Japanese people. They go outside to see people trying to leave Tokyo. Saiga wanted to take pictures of the people but he couldn't do it. A red moon settles the night sky as Suitengu tells Kagura that she reminded him of Yui.

Saiga's eyesight is becoming even worse as he prepares to fight Suitengu. He tells Ryougoku that taking pictures is his life even though his power can kill, he still wants to take them. Ryougoku tells Saiga that Kagura can be saved if she experiences a hormonal change. Saiga falls down the stairs and sees Ginza who going to take him to the club since she realizes that she didn't like her old self. Wabake and Tsujidou were waiting for them at the front entrance and shoots at them. Ginza holds them off as Saiga rides the elevator to the upper floors. The American battleships are close enough to fire a missile at the club building which disables the elevator. Saiga climbs out of the elevator and gets onto a floor before the elevator falls to the ground. He hears the music box that saved him eight years ago and realizes that it was Suitengu who saved him. Suitengu reveals his true intentions to Saiga as he wants the country of Japan to become bankrupt as the club's building contains 600 trillion yen since the money was invested in the bank of Japan itself. He wants to get his revenge on the people who sold their souls for money by taking away their money. Saiga doesn't want Kagura or Suitengu to die but Suitengu tells him that it's too late for Kagura.

Suitengu's intentions has been revealed and everything is now set for the final battle between Suitengu and Saiga. The question is Kagura really dead which I believe that she might be alive. There's still the issue with Ginza and Saiga's relationship but it might be dealt with at the end. Now besides saving Kagura, there's the whole issue of the money that must not be destroy which Saiga needs to figure a way to stop the Americans from destroying it. The next episode will be the last and there will be a review of the series along with it.


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