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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Suzuka 13

Yamato and the rest of the track team are heading to Hiroshima for the Inter High track meet. The captain talks to Yamato and tells that he's going to retire after the meet which he wants Yamato to improve even more by practicing a special training plan that he made up. Yamato decides to go to buy some juice and asks Suzuka if she wanted any which she said no. He feels that Suzuka has been colder to him lately after the incidient in the previous episode. Sakurai looks in awe with Yamato until Hattori talks to her. She asks him why he's here since he wasn't on the track team which he had nothing better to do and decide to cheer for the team. He tells Sakurai that if she doesn't go after Yamato soon that Suzuka may take him away. Hattori asks Yamato to take him around Hiroshima but he refuses and sees Arima. Yamato says hi to him but he ignores him and walks off. He begins to feel that he may not be able to be with Suzuka. Miki asks Yamato if he wants to join for fireworks after dinner but he refuses since he has to do some practice. During dinner, Miki talks to Suzuka about Yamato's recent depression and how his times haven't been improving. Suzuka counters Miki's worries with that he can't improve his times after one or two months of practice which Miki tells her to say that during the night while he's practicing. Yamato is practicing during the night which his time hasn't improved. While resting, Sakurai talks to Yamato and tries to cheer him up. He tells her that he lost some of his confidence after getting beat in the regional meet and thinks that he can't be like the Inter High athletes. Sakurai places her hand on Yamato and tells him that he has talent. She sees Suzuka nearby and doesn't want Yamato to see her. So she kisses him in order to distract him.

After the kiss, they were both surprised by it which Sakurai runs off and leaves without talking to Suzuka. Yamato was daydreaming when Suzuka sat next to him. She tells him not to get so anxious about his times and cheer for her tomorrow. Yamato knows that his feelings for Suzuka won't change but liked Sakurai's kiss. While watching the meet, he's been thinking about him and Sakurai when she sat next to him and apologizes to him for last night. He missed Suzuka getting 173 cm which was good enough for thrid place and realizes that he and Suzuka are becoming farther and farther apart. Hattori is mad that he has help setup the banner along with his lack of success in looking for girls. Yamato realizes that he's chasing after Sakurai now instead of Suzuka. The captain where was Yamato but Miki tells him that he went off which the captain tells her to look for him. Yamato sits outside trying to sort out his feelings between Sakurai and Suzuka when Sakurai appeared. They look at the fish until Sakurai gets splashed of water from one of the fish. She embraces Yamato and looks confused after his reaction of rejection. Miki sees Yamato and Sakurai kissing which this time, Yamato makes the move.

It looks like Sakurai has finally made her greatest move yet and managed to snatch away Yamato from Suzuka. She managed to get Yamato to notice her along with her feelings towards him. This was another great episode as it manages to keep things interesting. Now, let's see how Suzuka reacts to this new development. The game of love is all about making the best out of your chances and Sakurai manages to do this with perfection. The next episode will show Yamato and Sakurai dating with Suzuka trying to figure out how she feels about it.


  • At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This series is turning out to be pleasant surprise and damn good, very well written and amazingly refreshing story without cliches or much fanservice, great characters and developments. The show really keeps the audience on their seats despite the so so animation.

  • At 3:48 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I have a bad eye when detecting minor changes in animation so I doesn't bother me that much. It will be interesting to see how Suzuka plays this out as now she's the one who's behind now. She used to have the ability to just wait for Yamato to act but now, she doesn't have that luxury anymore and needs to do some soul-searching before making her next move.


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