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Monday, October 10, 2005

Suzuka 14

After their second kiss, Yamato and Sakurai have become a couple with the spying Miki trying to figure out what to say to Suzuka about it. She decides to tell her while bathing in the hot springs but Yamato's cheerfulness about the spring interrupted her. The next day, Suzuka asked Yamato to go shopping with her but he refuses. Hattori who was with Yamato when Suzuka asked was confused by his answer until he sees Sakurai outside. Suzuka and Miki went shopping which she bought a lot of things. She sees a rack of shirts and wanted to buy a shirt for Yamato until Miki tells her that Yamato and Sakurai are going out. Suzuka turns her back to Miki and doesn't say anything. The track team had practice which Sakurai hands Yamato a towel with a note in it. The note basically said that she wants to meet Yamato after dinner at the courtyard. They met at the courtyard which Sakurai told Yamato about her feelings for him ever since she was a kid. The next day, Miki asked why Hattori is still here which he said that he wants to get a girl. He tells her that he knows about Yamato and Sakurai which Miki gets mad at him for not doing anything about it since Yamato like Suzuka for a while now. He counters her argument with Sakurai's feelings for Yamato have existed longer and would be cruel to split them apart.

After Yamato finishes with his special training, Suzuka tells him that his form is sloppy and asks him if he's going out with Sakurai. After hearing his answer, she tells him that she was surprised and helps him to stretch out. During the night, Miki sees Suzuka looking towards the moon and tells her to get some sleep. Yamato, Sakurai, Hattori, and the two captains were trying to find an okonomiyaki restaurant but due to Yamato's bad sense of direction, they get lost. Meanwhile, Miki ask Suzuka what she was thinking about which she just told her that she was looking at the moon. Yamato and the others ended up eating a ramen restaurant since the okonomiyaki restaurants were full. Sakurai gives Yamato a cellphone strap which she has a matching pair on hers. Hattori is disappointed that they managed to hook up while he couldn't get one girl. The team was on the train except for Yamato who went to buy juice outside of the train. He almost manages to get inside of the train before dropping the juice which Suzuka sees him and helps him to pick up the juice. Before they could get back on the train, the train's doors closed on them. Miki wonders what happened to Suzuka and looks at the window to see Suzuka and Yamato running outside. Sakurai tries to call Yamato but he left his cell phone on the train while the Captain manages to call Suzuka on her cell phone. He tells them that they must find a way to get back home by tonight. Their luck wasn't so great as no outbound trains or buses were available to them. Now, they need to find a place to stay for the night.

It seems that Suzuka is beginning to deal with her feelings towards Yamato but her personality doesn't allow her to show them or hides them very well. The best example of this when she was about to buy a shirt for Yamato when Miki tells her about Yamato and Sakurai. She suddenly turns around and doesn't allow her to see her face. I wonder if we going to see that scene but from the other side in a future episode. Another point was during the night before the teams leaves for Tokyo when she was looking at the moon. There was no thoughts spoken during that moment but it might be something that will return. Now you got Yamato and Suzuka alone together for at least one night which may spark a few things for the both of them. The next episode has Yamato and Suzuka going to Yamato's house to stay for the night and now Suzuka gets to meet Yamato's parents. I wonder she going to think that they might be like Yamato.


  • At 4:56 AM, Blogger Problematic404 said…

    I definitely felt bad for Suzuka, but she bought this onto herself. LOL couldn't you tell that I am a self-proclaimed "Honoka-chan girl" I hope that Yamato ends up with Honoka, but I just don't see that happening since the anime is called "Suzuka"! If the creater just called it that would've been a healthy debate on who he will end up with.

  • At 5:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If only the baka had some patience, since Suzuka is finally doing something nice for him for a change, but nope, great timing there, Yamato. For hurting Suzuka, instant death for him. Still, the story is so compelling, can't help but keep on watching this.


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