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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Suzuka 15

Yamato and Suzuka are sitting at a fountain trying to figure out what to do. He suggests that they go to a karaoke bar or restaurant but that idea was shot down when they lacked the money to go to either one of them. A drunk guy approaches the two of them thinking that they were a couple and suggested that they go a love hotel to make up. Yamato gets yell at by Suzuka for suggesting that they should go a love hotel. He gets an idea to call his house which he would ask his dad for some money for Suzuka to stay at a hotel while he stays at home. After Yamato called his dad, Suzuka calls the captain about their plans and hands the phone to Yamato. Sakurai talks to Yamato over the phone which he tells her that everything will be fine as he won't be with Suzuka. After the phone call, Suzuka asked Yamato if the confession came from him which he answered yes. He tells her that being with Sakurai settles his heart which she yells at him for telling too much information. They argue for a little bit before sitting quietly for the next hour and half until Yamato's dad arrives. His dad punches him in the head for being an idiot and tells Suzuka to get into the car as he doesn't want her to stay in a hotel. The next day, Yamato, Suzuka and his family eats breakfast. His family except for his grandmother insults his intelligence during breakfast. He asks his dad when they are going back to the station which will be in the evening. Yamato tries to talk to Suzuka which she asks to be left alone.

Yamato is talking to himself while walking the family dog, Koro. After walking the dog, he asks Suzuka if she wanted to stay the fireflies but it would mean that they would have to stay one more night. She rejects the offer and makes the point that Yamato should be thoughtful to Sakurai. He calls Sakurai and tells her that Suzuka stayed at his place and will be back by tonight. Yamato tells Suzuka to get ready to leave soon which she decides to accept his offer to see the fireflies. Yamato tries to figure out why Suzuka changed her mind. They arrived at the bridge and don't see any fireflies at all. Yamato is stunned at the lack of fireflies and apologizes to her for it as he remembers a similar incident in junior high as there were no fireflies and it rained. Suzuka laugh at his story which he was serious about the story. He notices a firefly in a leaf and puts it on his finger. Suzuka asks him to act out a confession which he takes the firefly into a bellflower which lights up the flower. Yamato hands the flower towards Suzuka and says what he was going to say about the girl. Suzuka takes the flower and accepts the confession as a bunch of fireflies appeared in the sky. Then she says it was a joke and makes fun of him for it.

Yamato's family isn't as blockheaded as he is and makes fun of him for his intelligence. Suzuka was being cold-hearted to him in order to make him be faithful to Sakurai but after he calls her from his house, she changes his mind to go with him to see the fireflies. At this point in the story, we haven't gotten into the mind of Suzuka yet but Yamato is very confused at this point. Suzuka's mind is rather interesting to guess at as she says one thing and acts another way. Another interesting thing is how we don't get see Suzuka's face at certain times like after she jokes around about Yamato's fake confession. There's a new ED sequence and song which the sequence focuses on Suzuka while the song is rather sad which fits rather well at this point of the anime. The next episode will be interesting as Yamato seems to have his feelings for Suzuka coming back to him and looks very down on Sakurai as she tries to cook him dinner. I feel that Sakurai will lose Yamato either in this episode or the next episode as he can't rid of his feelings for Suzuka.


  • At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WOW! That bellflower confession scene was one of the best and most romantic scenes ever in any romance anime. The animation quality setting, the mood, the music was just perfect for it. Amazing, very impressed.

  • At 6:57 PM, Anonymous Kabitzin said…

    Agreed, the bellflower scene was amazing in every way. The whole Honoka-Yamato relationship feels like a trainwreck waiting to happen, and I feel so bad for Honoka. It seems that they really don't have that much in common, and that Yamato is just going along with her while pining for Suzuka T__T.

  • At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Chris said…

    Somehow, Yamato seems to get into confession mode when there's something illuminating around whether it's fireworks or fireflies. He really should get rid of his habit to scream during confessions that's counter-productive in my opinion. Maybe he should sing instead. "Come on baby, light my fire..."


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