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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Suzuka 16

Sakurai stops by the apartment complex which Ayano and Saotome tell her that Yamato hasn't come back yet and won't be until noon. Saotome tells Sakurai to stop being so passive or Yamato will drift away. On the train, he thinks about last night which he regrets that he took Suzuka's confession seriously for a moment. They meet with Sakurai at the train station which Suzuka decides to leave Yamato and Sakurai alone. Yamato asks if Sakurai was worried which he tells that nothing did happened and suddenly, Sakurai gets closer to Yamato as he said that he like her. The next day, Suzuka was about to head out for school when she hears Sakurai and Yamato talking yesterday. Ayano tells Yamato that he needs to find a way to eat dinner since she can't do it tonight. Hattori tells Yamato that he knows about him and Sakurai which Yamato tells him that they have kissed. Then he asks if Yamato has done it with Sakurai which he hasn't yet. Hattori tells him to have Sakurai over at his place to have sex. Later in the night, Yamato tries to think of excuses to have Sakurai over but didn't have the courage to do it. He was about to head for the store to get some food but Sakurai showed up at his door with food.

Sakurai came over to Yamato's room to make him some dinner. Yamato begins to think Sakurai came over to become more romantic with each other but she was just concerned with him. He likes what Sakurai cook for him and glad that she came over. He realizes that he was thinking about Suzuka and grabs Sakurai and throws her on the bed. Yamato was on top of her and kisses her. She pulls him off and leaves the room as Suzuka was heading towards her room. Suzuka asks Yamato what happened which she begins to lecture Yamato on his inability to handle girls well. He tells her that it's none of his business and goes back to his room. The next day, Sakurai didn't show up at track practice which Yamato realizes that he should apologize to her. He goes to the shrine and sees Sakurai. She decides to run away but Yamato grabs her hand and apologizes to her. She accepts his apology and asks if he doesn't like her anymore. He tells her that he likes her and it was his fault for forcing it last night. She tells him that she doesn't mind if she was forced upon. Yamato tells her that she can come to cook for him some other time and that she can stop by his place every morning. He decides that he won't Sakurai anymore and as he was going to his room, he sees Suzuka waiting for him. She wanted to know if he made up with Sakurai which he did. Yamato goes into his room which Suzuka wanted to ask him something else but she wonders what she's doing.

I thought that Yamato and Sakurai would break up but it seems that their relationship is stronger than I thought. At least, Yamato managed to correct his mistake from earlier with Sakurai but he shouldn't have done it in the first place. Now, the tables have turned with Suzuka as she experiences the same type of rejection from Yamato that she gave to him earlier in the series. She is beginning to feel love towards Yamato but her personality is a major hinderance towards it as she tries to supress it. The next episode will have a new character into the mix and who knows what impact she will have on the situation.


  • At 2:01 AM, Blogger Mentar said…

    Yeah, the new character... her name is Nana. Willing to venture a guess what her role will be? :)

  • At 2:51 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I would either say that she's plays on Sakurai's personal friend like Hattori for Yamato and Miki for Suzuka or a third love interest for Yamato but it will probably a one-sided affair as Yamato won't love her back.

  • At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    that was great i luved it and now i know wat heppends to them!!! thx ^^


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