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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Suzuka 17

Yamato and Hattori were having their usual conversation during lunch as Hattori wanted Yamato to have sex with Sakurai which he refuses his idea. Miki came to the table and ask what they were talking about which Hattori told her and gets smacked with Miki's tray. Then Miki and Hattori were fighting over where Yamato should sit with. The track team was lifting weights due to rain outside and the former captain makes Yamato do extra reps on the weights. Sakurai tells Yamato that she needs to do something and can't walk with Yamato today. She was worried about Yamato since he didn't have an umbella with him. Suzuka and Miki were about to leave the school when she forgot her cell phone while Yamato was lifting weights under the captain's eye. Suzuka and Miki were about to head out again when Suzuka remember she had to do a report today and tells Miki to leave ahead of her. Suddenly, Yamato shows up and was about to call Miho for an umbella when Suzuka decided to give him her umbella. Miki asks Suzuka if she likes Yamato which she tells him that she doesn't. After practice, Sakurai and Yamato were going to get a drink while Miki and Suzuka go off to do karaoke. While walking, Yamato notices an ad with a singer named Shirakawa Nana which Sakurai asks him if he likes her. He answers her that he wasn't paying attention to her but the MD player. At a cafe, Sakurai keeps looking at the entrance as she invited a friend to meet her which was Nana herself.

Yamato was shocked that Sakurai's friend was Nana as he spouted out the usual fan dribble when meeting idols. They decided to I tgo to a karaoke which Nana tells of the story of when Sakurai and Nana first met. It was during junior high when Nana was already a little bit popular. She got annoyed one day and decided to have a cigarette near the temple that Sakurai's family runs. Sakurai sees Nana trying to smoke and makes her to give up the cigarette even though she didn't know who Nana was. Nana liked how Sakurai treated her as a normal person instead of an idol. Nana tells Yamato that Sakurai doesn't know guys well or how to date and instead him of forcing himself, he should lead her in. After being embarrased by Nana, Sakurai goes to the bathroom which Nana and Yamato decided to do some karaoke. Suzuka and Miki were trying to find a room when they heard Yamato singing the Hiroshima Carp baseball song. Suzuka sees Yamato and Nana alone and busts into the room. She starts lecturing Yamato on how he's being unfaithful to Sakurai while Miki notices Nana which Suzuka didn't even know who she was. Nana asks Yamato if he was three-timing while Sakurai sees the commotion. After a little straighting out, all five of them decided to do some karaoke with a little competition between Sakurai and Suzuka for Yamato. While Nana was singing her new song, Suzuka says that Yamato is tone-deaf which makes him decide to pick a song and ends up picking the same song that Suzuka picked. Miki suggest that they should both sing together but Yamato mentions that he picked the wrong sing which was an excuse to cheer up Sakurai. Yamato and Nana walked Sakurai back home and talked to each other after Sakurai walks up the stairs. Nana tells Yamato that he's a nice boyfriend but suddenly changes her tone when she hears that Yamato doesn't want to hurt Sakurai. She starts to lecture Yamato about how he's influenced by Sakurai's emotions which Yamato calls her an idiot. She tells him that he's like a kid and asks him what are her hobbies or even her birthday which he doesn't really know at all as he's too focused of being a good boyfriend to her. Nana tells Yamato that Sakurai's birthday is September 16th and to look at her more as she doesn't want to break them up.

It seems that Suzuka was doing the exact same waiting game for Yamato on a raining day that he did earlier in the series but look less like an idiot. Suzuka slowly but surely warming up to Yamato by trying being closer to him. Of course, she continues to deny it to Miki but she knows what's going on. Now, there's the new character of Nana which I commented that she could be Sakurai's friend which I was right but never expected that she was an idol but not a stupid self-centered one. She wants to see Sakurai to be happy with Yamato but he's going to do something stupid at this rate. He never really try to get to know Sakurai very well as he focuses on being a couple instead. He's really using her as his emotional bungee cord for Suzuka. Nana has given Yamato a chance to redeem himself with buying Sakurai a present for her birthday which is in a couple of days. From the preview, he decides to ask Suzuka to help him to look for a present which I got a bad feeling about as that is a big NO in dating. I wonder if Nana will show up again as she's an interesting supporting character.


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