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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Trinity Blood 13

Esther and Ion managed to form a friendship while Ratu held them at gunpoint and revealed that he was the one who attacked the Embassy last night. Abel comes to their aid with a boat but was shortly dispatched by Ratu but his victory would be short as he was killed by Paula. Esther and Ion boarded Abel's boat with Petros giving chase. After losing his weapon upon stepping foot on the boat, Petros allows them to take Ion to Cathernia. Paula asks Catherina why she wants to protect Ion which she said it was a precaution. She wants to capture Ion, Abel and Esther which she will protect Catherina until the mission is over. Meanwhile, Abel and the others are resting until they could find a way to get to Catherina without being captured. Meanwhile, the Rosenkruez Orden prepares for another attempt to stop the meeting of Ion and Catherina by sending Flamberg and Esther's brother, Marionettenspieler.

I losted like half of the post from an error and didn't feel like redoing it all. The episode was good and very Esthercentric as she manages to deice Ion's heart a little bit. I liked the Broken Wings instrumental piece in the episode. Well it looks like that Esther may faced her brother in the next episode as she will try to protect Ion from him. The next episode's title of the Iblis arc is A Mark of Sinner.


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