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Friday, October 14, 2005

Trinity Blood 14

The Inquistion's airships are beginning to attack the city for no reason at all. Tres heads out to the balcony and starts shooting at something down below. Meanwhile, Ion manages to convince Petros to protect him for his head once the mission is over with. They along with Ester and Abel headed out towards the embassy. Puppet Master (Marionettenspieler) gives Ratu (Flamberg, who I thought it was a different person from the last episode) a CD to control the airships and then uses his power on him as punishment for his inability to kill Ion. Ratu attacks Puppet Master with his power but he easily avoids it and tortures him some more. He asks Ratu why he didn't use the Iblis which he replied that it would screwed up the plan which to have the Vactian and Empire go to war by their own hands. Puppet Master wants Cathernia and Ion don't meet at any cost. He sent the Autojaegers who are vampire corspes in mechanical form. Cathernia and Sister Kate were hiding in a closet when one of them began to break down the door. Meanwhile, Ion and the others are driving towards the embassy but their lives are in the line as Esther's driving skills may kill them first. The autojaeger who was trying to kill Catherina was killed by Paula and Tres managed to kill the rest of them. Kate suggested to use the Iron Maiden on the airships but Catherina refused since it would cause damage on the city.

After driving through an alleyway, they come across with a Goliath Missionary Land Cruiser manned by Ratu. He fires one of the guns at Ion but Petros protects him from the attack until Ratu uses a cannon at them. The attack caused serious damage on Ion and Esther embraces him. Ratu was about to fire again when Abel transform into Crusnik mode. He draws Ion's blood towards him which Ratu tries to kill him but only destroys Abel's left wing. He uses the blood to regenerate his wing and destroys the airships with a electricial attack. Ratu tries to kill Abel with the cannon again but fails and he himself is destroy along with the tank. Esther was scared of Abel's other form and didn't want him to come close her and Ion. The next day, Ion and Cathernia talked to each other and managed to come to an understanding that they must defeat the Rosenkruez Ordan. Abel apologizes to Esther for his behavior and tells her that his Crusnik form is his mark of sin.

Esther is coming into her own with this episode and previous as she doesn't run away from danger but she was terrified of Abel's Crusnik form which he implies that it's the result of a sin that he committed in the past. This episode was better than the previous episode but I wished there was some more Petros action instead of him acting as a shield. Also, maybe someone can help me with the question of why Sister Kate was screaming while Catherina just stood there without fear in her eyes when the Autojaeger began cutting down the door. Isn't Sister Kate just a hologram which she communicates to the others while on the Iron Maiden? Her life isn't danger at all but Catherina's life was in danger and she didn't make a sound. Catherina reminds of Integra in Hellsing but Catholic. The next episode title is The Return of the Envoy which begins the The Night Lords arc.


  • At 8:03 AM, Anonymous Kokiri said…

    Great reviews, and to answer your question in case it hasn't already been answered. When the guy was cutting down the door, Kate most likely screamed in surprise, even if she is a hologram it's still got to be pretty scary. And it also showed Catherina with a rather worried face, but Catherina being the collected person she is, didn't really scream. That's what I believe anyway.


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